A Korean Introduction

Sean Walston is a student at Ohio State University and an ISA Featured Blogger. He is currently studying abroad with ISA in Seoul, South Korea. Just as the sun began to set over the narrow alleys of Seoul, our small group of seven students hesitantly wandered into a […]

Border with Portugal, Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain, Pineiros

Tour Guides as Role Models

Natasha Pineiros is a student at The College of New Jersey and an ISA Featured Blogger. She studied abroad with ISA in Salamanca, Spain. When coming to Spain, I knew I wanted to travel a lot and visit many places. ISA facilitated guided visits to Madrid, Toledo, Salamanca, and […]

Photo 8 Fisher and donaldson St. Andrews

24 Hours in St. Andrews

Carly Causey is a student at University of Mississippi and is an ISA Featured Photo Blogger. She studied abroad with ISA in Stirling, Scotland. What a day I have had! I have just returned from Saint Andrews, Scotland, and couldn’t wait to write about it. This place is […]


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