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Its Getting Hot in Seoul!

Jane Sitter is a student at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities and an ISA Featured Blogger. Jane is currently studying and participating in service-learning with ISA in Seoul, South Korea.

Konkuk ‘food street’

Konkuk ‘food street’

My friends warned me that a summer in Seoul was going to be hot, but I didn’t think too much about it. Not until I arrived did I realize that it is very hot and humid in Seoul almost every day. The weather is definitely something to adjust to for a winter-loving Midwestern girl like me.

We have found a few successful ways to beat the heat here and are still staying positive and excited to be here every day! If you are ever visiting Seoul you can keep these ideas in mind.

1) Our dormitory and classrooms have air conditioning! Or in ‘Konglish’ (Korean and English languages mixed), they have ‘ayo-con.’ Most buildings have it, so its very nice to stop in somewhere to get some refreshing cold air.

2) Hand fans are a great way to cool down. I bought one for about 1,000 won (1 USD) and I take it everywhere with me in my purse.

A fellow intern English teaching modeling my fan.

A fellow intern English teaching modeling my fan.

3) South Korea has a unique dessert called ‘patbingsu’ with shaved ice, red bean, vanilla ice cream, and fruit! I tried a mango one in a café on ‘Food street’ near our university and it was amazing!

4) Koreans like to eat very spicy food when it is hot to make their bodies sweat and cool down, or cold noodles called naengmyong!

Myself with mango patbingsu

Myself with mango patbingsu

There are definitely enough ways stay cool in South Korea, especially when we have good company to explore the city with and gracious new friends to share their ‘hot’ culture with us.

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