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Introducing the ISA Featured Bloggers for Summer 2018

Photo by Spring 2018 ISA Featured Photo Blogger Julia Mattis.

Meet the newest ISA Featured Bloggers, Photo Bloggers, & Video Bloggers for Summer 2018!

ISA Featured Bloggers

Ikrom Alajoulin: Santiago, Dominican Republic (ISA Service-Learning)
Gil Gerard Austria: Seoul, South Korea (ISA Internships)
Emma Burnett: Galway, Ireland (ISA Service-Learning)
Evan Clark: Cusco, Peru
Summer Conley: Madrid, Spain
Eleanor Crymes: Salamanca, Spain (ISA Service-Learning)
Jessica Fragnoli: Salamanca, Spain (ISA Service-Learning)
Lauren Gross: Athens, Greece
Kathryn Holt: Florence, Italy
Abby Jamison: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Madison Kacmarcik: Dublin, Ireland (ISA Internships)
Colleen Morrissey: Sevilla, Spain
Abigail Nowell: Lille, France
Natalie Orslene: Valencia, Spain
Abbey Pignatari: Dublin, Ireland (ISA Internships)
Ariella Erin Poon: Glasgow, Scotland
Brooke Purvis: Athens: Greece
Claire Richters: Berlin, Germany
Valeria Rubio: Valparaiso, Chile (ISA Internships)
Jaclyn Sherman: Barcelona, Spain
Krista Simpson: Galway, Ireland
Katie Smith: Shanghai, China (ISA Internships)
Claire Temple: Canberra, Australia
Jeanne Torp: Paris, France
Aubrey Ward: Wellington, New Zealand

ISA Featured Photo Bloggers

Christine Anusim: Seoul, South Korea
Katie Bernard: Dublin, Ireland
Maya Bingaman: Cusco, Peru
Jamie DuFault: Valparaíso, Chile
Kyra Raine Guerrero: Barcelona, Spain
Jonathan Ashley: Wellington, New Zealand (ISA Service-Learning)
Rachel Kishman: Valparaíso, Chile (ISA Service-Learning)
Eryn Larsen: Granada, Spain
Bridgette McRoberts: Athens, Greece
Kassie Potter: Seoul, South Korea (ISA Internships)
Grace Remeta: Barcelona, Spain
Libby Rule: Florence, Italy
Shivani Solanki: Wellington, New Zealand (ISA Service-Learning)
Anna Leigh Vincent: Sydney, Australia (ISA Internships)

ISA Featured Video Bloggers

Harrison Burchett: Barcelona, Spain
Kaye Cariola: Salamanca, Spain
Erykah Foster: Seoul, South Korea
Gabriella Grilli: Florence, Italy
Alexis Hummer: Cape Town, South Africa
Moira Millan: San Jose, Costa Rica (ISA Service-Learning)
Enicely Mojica: Seoul, South Korea
Taylor Nelson: Paris, France
Taylor Wright: Rome, Italy

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