Humans of Granada

Hallie MacPherson is a student at the Seattle University and an ISA Featured Photo Blogger. She is currently studying abroad with ISA in Valencia, Spain.

For the longest time, when I traveled, I always wanted to keep people out of my photos and solely capture the location or well known places. I would have halves of heads, bodies chopped off, or fingers poking their way into my frame.

I would always try my hardest to get a shot that looked like the ones we have seen before, the seemingly perfect scope of a location that only lives in the back of our minds.

I have started to realize that I like the images I make more with the ones of people in them.

My life is shared with the people of the world and this life is impossible to play without others in it.

While on an ISA excursion in Granada, I found myself photographing the people I would see in moments of pure, life. There was no mold I wanted to shape or one pose I specifically looked for. All these humans were discovered in the way they were. I believe the best images speak in ways our words cannot because they make you feel a bit closer to the moment I relay to my viewer.

The images I’ve chosen to share are my representation of Granada. The people in them are the spices, that so many times I have overlooked.

People live in these memories, and these memories live in these images.

Our experiences are our own but they’re most definitely shared.

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