What My ISA Excursion to La Victoria, Minca Taught Me About Colombia

Claire Baghera is a student at Adrian College and an ISA Photo Blogger. She is studying abroad abroad with ISA in Barranquilla, Colombia

Coffee. It is one of the things Colombia does best.

On our excursion to La Victoria, we drove up bumpy steep roads to find the most beautiful and lush coffee farm, carved into the mountainside of northern Colombia.

Our host guided us through the coffee making process, and we watched the small red, ripe fruit turn into a roasted and flavorful coffee bean, ready to brew.

During the coffee making process the host gave us a brief history of La Victoria.

The coffee farm was founded in 1892 by the English couple Charles and Alice Bowden.

They pioneered coffee growing in the Minca region, and today Colombia has become one of the biggest coffee exporters.

It all started where we were standing, at coffee farms like La Victoria. At the end of the trip we had the chance to taste the final product in their coffee shop in the jungle.

I sipped my freshly brewed coffee and I felt as if I had gone back in time and I was witnessing the start of something special.

Your Discovery. Our People… The World Awaits.

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