A Unique Perspective of Balconies and What It Means to Locals

Maria Brannon is a student at Texas State University and an ISA Photo Blogger. She is studying abroad with ISA in Barcelona, Spain.

Most Spaniards live in apartments so balconies are an extremely important part of their life. It’s were people can take time out of their day to relax, dry their clothing, let the cool breeze into their apartments, catch up with friends, and observe the busy streets below them. The Spanish love to express their interests, political views, and style by decorating their patios with lush plants, decorations, and flags. This photo set is intended to showcase how such a small space makes such a big difference for the Spanish and how much they cherish their patios and balconies.

A classic Spanish Balcony.

Some have interesting decor like this little hanging lizard!

Many people love the ornate moulding of the antique apartments.

While others prefer the modern look.

Many people show their political affiliation and loyalty for their country through flags and banners.

Friends love to chat and drink a glass of Sangria on their patio to cool off during the warm days.

Some people even show off their eclectic style on their patios!

Your Discovery. Our People… The World Awaits.

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