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Introducing the ISA Featured Bloggers for Summer 2019

Meet the newest ISA Featured Bloggers, Photo Bloggers, & Video Bloggers for Summer 2019!

Featured Bloggers

Jessica Doublesin: Valencia, Spain (ISA Internships)
Audrey Easley: Seoul, Korea (ISA Internships)
E.J. Hannah: Wellington, New Zealand (ISA Service Learning)
Naomi Fletcher: Heredia, Costa Rica
Bethany Gillet: Stirling, Scotland (Veritas Christian Study Abroad)
Jeremiah Jackson: Salamanca, Spain
Brittany Johnson: Granada, Spain
Alex Kearsley: Christchurch, New Zealand (ISA Internships)
Summer Lecas: Malaga, Spain
Avery Lorio: Seville, Spain
Madeline Lowry: San José, Costa Rica
Dana Luciano: Valaparaíso, Viña del Mar, Chile (ISA Service-Learning)
Gabriel Luna II: Tokyo, Japan
Sydney Lundgren: Florence, Italy
Kamryn Lyle: London, England (ISA Internships)
Elena Manauis: Granada, Spain (ISA Service Learning)
Kevin Mboma: Seoul, South Korea (ISA Internships)
Ben McGinn: Wellington, New Zealand (ISA Internships)
Crystal Miller: Athens, Greece
Lily Mowery: Galway, Ireland (ISA Service-Learning)
Matthew Penzinski: Glasgow, Scotland
Danielle Smith: Limerick, Ireland (ISA Service-Learning)
Rachel Smithley: Cusco, Peru (Veritas Christian Study Abroad)
Emily Stiles: Dublin, Ireland (ISA Internships)
Lydia Velazquez: London, England
Kerstin Westerlund: Meknes, Morocco
Rebecka Zwolinski: Barcelona, Spain

Learn more about the Summer 2019 Featured Bloggers HERE.

Featured Photo Bloggers

Macy Dickson: Florence, Italy
Abigail Ferris: Auckland, New Zealand (ISA Internships)
Reagan Flippo: Barcelona, Spain
Caitlyn Handlin: Cusco, Peru (ISA Service-Learning)
Olivia Helka: Rome, Italy
JunLan Li: Shanghai, China
Tyler McDowell: Paris, France
Siobhan Mitchell: San José, Costa Rica (ISA Service-Learning)
Elyse Penn: Milan, Italy
Giovanna Rodriguez: Kuranda & Cairns, Australia (ISA Internships)
Louise Scharff: Glasgow, Scotland
Sarah Schleicher: Heredia, Costa Rica
Julianna Seariac: Dublin, Ireland
Alissa Steward: Paris, France
Sloane Swift: Florence, Italy
Quincy Walter: Valencia, Spain (ISA Internships)
Maura Whelan: Athens, Greece
Emma Wilson: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Rhiannon Wright: Athens, Greece
Mallory Yohn: Florence, Italy (ISA Service-Learning)

Learn more about the Summer 2019 Featured Photo Bloggers HERE.

Featured Video Bloggers

Nicole Dunneback: Sydney, Australia (ISA Internships)
Michael Lamberti: London, England (ISA Internships)
Alessandra Wu: Auckland, New Zealand (ISA Internships)

Learn more about the Summer 2019 Featured Video Bloggers HERE.

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