Introducing the ISA Featured Bloggers for Fall 2019

Meet the newest ISA Featured Bloggers, Photo Bloggers, & Video Bloggers for Fall 2019!

Featured Bloggers

Hannah Anglea: Florence, Italy
Emilia Chapa: Seville, Spain
Rebecca Corsino: Brisbane, Australia
Kayla Craigmile: Athens, Greece
Erica Devonish: Seville, Spain
Maria Dozier: Lima, Peru
Celide Dymond: Malaga, Spain
Mariah Erickson: Milan, Italy
Helena Espinoza: Seoul, South Korea
Elizabeth Finnegan: Seville, Spain
Mario Garcia: Valparaiso, Chile
Allison George: Meknes, Morocco
Serenity Hayward-McDaniel: Seville, Spain
Olivia Heale: Meknes, Morocco
Leah Hoffman: Cusco, Peru
Beth Hoots: Lima, Peru
Danielle Jarosz: Athens, Greece
Aruha Khan: Athens, Greece
Nadira Khan: Barcelona, Spain
Emma King: Seville, Spain
Eva Koelzer: Salamanca, Spain
Ayana Latimore: Barcelona, Spain
Tierra Mack: Barcelona, Spain
Graham Mackey: Valparaíso, Chile
Sabryn McDonald: Rome, Italy
Farrin Mumpower: Seville, Spain
Rebecca Nocentino: London, England
Taylor O’Connor: Seville, Spain
Katelyn Rapp: Madrid, Spain
Nikko Rivera: Bangkok, Thailand
Lauren Rochelle: Rome, Italy
Stella Roth: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Kaylie Rowland: Barcelona, Spain
Madison Rydholm: London, England
Natalie Schwarz: San Jose, Costa Rica
Kennah Shaw: Athens, Greece
Marlo Smith: Wellington, New Zealand
Lauren Sumner: London, England
Andrew Thayer: Athens, Greece
Jessica Trowell: Paris, France
Mai See Yang: Bangkok, Thailand

Learn more about the Fall 2019 Featured Bloggers HERE.

Featured Photo Bloggers

Rebekah Adams: London, England
Briana Baxley: Barcelona, Spain
Sydney Berry: Bangkok, Thailand
Anne Bolin: Florence, Italy
Emily Creasman: Seoul, South Korea
Emily Czazasty: Seville, Spain
Sophia Evans: Galway, Ireland
Elizabeth Farawell: London, England
Brandon Fink: Seville, Spain
Annika Frazer: Madrid, Spain
Jack Hatzfeld: Valencia, Spain
Elizabeth Harvey: Athens, Greece
Dana Hubbard: Prague, Czech Republic
Emily Lo: Madrid, Spain
Mary McConnell: Valencia, Spain
Hannah Mullenbach: Glasgow, Scotland
Emma Page: Seoul, South Korea
Frankie Persons: Dunedin, New Zealand
Sam Poe: Meknes, Morocco
Rayna Rosenthal: Meknes, Morocco
Elena Simon: San Jose, Costa Rica
Taysia Stein: Rome, Italy
Jordan Stern: Valparaiso, Chile
Leah Grace Thompson: Barcelona, Spain
Madison Vaughn: Cape Town, South Africa

Learn more about the Fall 2019 Featured Photo Bloggers HERE.

Featured Video Bloggers

Ashley Casesa: London, England
Martina Hamerle: London, England
Kelsie Lee: London, England
Lucia Martin: Paris, France
Monet Mitchell: San Jose, Costa Rica
Annie Phillips: Seville, Spain
Jessica Roman: Seoul, South Korea
Allie Ruckman: Granada, Spain
Niki Saenz: Seville, Spain
Nathan Simms: Granada, Spain
Chloe Smith: Barcelona, Spain
Melanie Sturgis: Seoul, South Korea
Tosca Swayne: Florence, Italy
Claire Weber: Barcelona, Spain

Learn more about the Fall 2019 Featured Video Bloggers HERE.

Author: International Studies Abroad (ISA)

Since 1987, International Studies Abroad (ISA) has provided college students in the United States and Canada the opportunity to explore the world. ISA offers a wide variety of study abroad programs at accredited schools and universities in 73 program locations throughout the world.

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