Doors to Somewhere: A Photographic Journey of My Six Months Abroad

The door is a thing heavily embedded with symbolism, the first stepping stone on the paths of adventures and journeys of all kinds. Throughout the first six months of this year I took on a journey of my own, leaving the United States to intern and study in The Netherlands. During this time, I traveled to 13 countries, had all sorts of adventures, and met some of the most incredible people I have ever known. This photo set tells the story of six months through 18 doors, all leading to somewhere.

Cologne Cathedral (Cologne, Germany)
Cologne Cathedral (Cologne, Germany)
Museedes Artistes (Vianden, Luxembourg)
Residence (Bordeaux, France)
Residence (Luxembourg City, Luxembourg)
Residence (Vianden, Luxembourg)
Shop (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Shop (Bratislava, Slovakia)
Shop (Bruges, Belgium)
Shop (Leiden, Netherlands)
Shop (Leiden, Netherlands)
St. Isaac’s Cathedral (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Tobacco Shop (Bordeaux, France)
Tunnels (Luxembourg City, Luxembourg)
Unknown (Bratislava, Slovakia)
Unknown (Leiden, Netherlands)
Unknown (Tallinn, Estonia)
Vianden Castle (Vianden, Luxembourg)

Aren Kurth is a student at Michigan State University and was an ISA Photo Blogger. They studied with EuroScholars in The Netherlands.

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