Spring 2015

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SA Pic

Sabryna Aylard
Cal Lutheran University
Seoul, South Korea
I have always been one for traveling ever since my first travel experience in Europe. Having travelled quite a few times I realized I have a strong passion for visiting new countries and discovering new cultures which is why I felt so strongly of being able to study abroad. When visiting South Korea I hope to get a good grasp of the language where I feel confident in having conversations on the streets of Seoul. I love taking pictures of beautiful sites I visit which I know I will do plenty of in South Korea.

Blog pictureNatasha Banks
Iowa State University
Florence, Italy
I am currently a senior and will be studying abroad in Florence for the spring 2015 semester. I have always wanted to study abroad but it has never seemed to work for my class schedule until now – my last semester of college. While studying abroad I hope to learn more about the Italian culture and improve my traveling skills. As a future event planner I hope plan events around the world as well as provide hospitality for different cultures as they attend my events. I enjoy being active, exploring new things, and meeting new people.

BaroneHayley, Barone
St. Edward’s University
Leiden, the Netherlands
Wanderlust has plagued me ever since my family lived in the Philippines for 3 years when I was a teen. I am studying abroad to gain a larger global perspective of my field and to conduct research in an international sphere. My hobbies include drawing, cooking, biking, and anything related to Sherlock Holmes.

IMG_1604Jocelyne Becerra Garcia
University Colorado, Boulder
Salamanca, Spain
My background contains intersections that have taken me to places that many have not experienced. I was born in the United States so I am American and proud. Yet, I am also 100% Mexican; these two cultures are a part of my life palette’s colors and have been exemplified through the traditional foods that have been carried inside SpongeBob lunch boxes and when I switch between the English and Spanish language before completing a sentence. I am also a first generation college student so my college experience has been molded by life’s best combination; trial, error and eventually success.

Screenshot_2015-01-22-13-19-35-1Robert Bingisser
University of Redlands
Beppu, Japan
My name is Robert Bingisser and I’m a junior studying abroad in Beppu, Japan. I have lived in Seattle for most of my life but have spent the past two and a half years in California attending college. I want to study abroad in order to gain a better understanding of the world and the various types of people within it. I have been increasingly interested in Japanese culture over the past couple of years because of its set values and beliefs. This blog would allow me to assess the significance of cultural differences in terms of everyday living.

DSC_0070Codi Brower
University of Alabama
Sydney, Australia
Ever since I was young I have had a passion to travel that has consumed me. It was only a week after I returned from my trip to South Africa that I applied for the program in Australia. I found myself craving the experience to live and to be one hundred present in every way in another culture. Throughout this opportunity I hope to learn how to be my best self by learning from the people of Sydney. I know I will cherish my time and the lessons I learn abroad for the rest of my life.

image1Kathryn Cacchioli
Rowan University
Sevilla, Spain
I graduated college this past May. I have a minor in Spanish and I always wanted to study abroad while I was in college but I never did because of FOMO. Still have FOMO but decided if I was accepted into ISA’s program I would go. While in Sevilla I hope to meet cool people, see breathtaking sights and conquer the Spanish language. Special hobbies include texting gifs to friends, watching Judge Judy and searching for perfect home decor. My special talent is finding the bright side of situations and laughing at myself. Skills- I met the allotted words, exactly.

IMG_5377Meaghann Campbell
University of Pittsburgh
Meknes, Morocco
My name is Meaghann Campbell and I grew up in a military family so I love to move around and put myself in new situations! I chose to study in Morocco because it will push my boundaries and help me experience a new culture. I will be living with a host family so I will be able to experience first hand the real Moroccan way of life. I love to people watch and try new things in the places I live to be able to fully understand the people and the traditions around me.

LibbyCornelssenElizabeth Cornelssen
Tufts University
Cape Town, South Africa
In high school, I was the managing editor of the high school newspaper and traveled with my church youth group to Zambia, Dominican Republic, New Mexico and Ecuador. I was hooked. I loved traveling and I loved writing about it even more. I am going to Cape Town because I want to adventure far from home to a beautiful and unique place. As far as hobbies, I am addicted to yoga and an avid reader and writer. I also love food and trying new foods and cuisines. I’m very social and love meeting new people and can’t wait to do all of these things when I am in South Africa. I can’t stop thinking about the many adventures I want to have while I’m there… my family keeps telling me to stop talking about it all the time!

isacroppedphotoDaniel Dawson
University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Salamanca, Spain
I’m a third-year English and communication studies double-major with minors in IT and Spanish. I’ve been actively involved in my university and local community since my freshman year–my involvement ranging from writing for a regional magazine, designing the layout for our campus art magazine, Atlantis, volunteering at the greenhouse or interning in at our UNCW Office of International Programs. I have many skills, interests and passions and I hope to add fluency in the Spanish language to my repertoire with the help of my ISA study abroad adventure.

Screenshot_2015-01-18-21-16-07-1Nikita Deshazor
Norfolk State University
Shanghai, China
I am a Senior at Norfolk State University. I chose to study abroad not only to further my education, but I want start documenting my life as a career. Becoming an ISA Blogger will allow me to improve my filming, editing, and networking skills. Studying abroad will encourage me to step outside my comfort zone and explore Shanghai. Having my cosmetologist license is something that makes me unique. Hair cutting and styling are skills transcend to all countries.

imageClara Duffy
Western Washington University
Dublin, Ireland
I am studying in Ireland primarily to experience my Irish roots firsthand. I am very interested in the sociology of culture and I think this voyage will be as much of a research opportunity as a fun traveling experience. Everything I experience in Ireland will steer my mind away from looking through the lens of the American perspective and expose me to a new yet familiar culture. I am a creative writer so my hope is that Ireland will provide me the inspiration to do what I love with new cultural and anecdotal material.

20141217_130514Mahriena Ellanna
University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Melbourne, Australia
I am student in Alaska as well as a local, which means I love being outside. That won’t change when I’m in Australia. I look forward to experiencing the new climate and environment. I chose Australia as my host country because I’ve had an interest in it for a long time. It started with film representations and turned into this thing that I had to know more about. So, I started reading travel guides and history books, I even started listening to iTunes University lectures about Australia and Aboriginal Australians. This need to know more about everything in this interesting country is the reason I decided to go. I look forward to trying out Aussie Rules and surfing. I like to write, take photographs, and draw. I’ve always enjoyed writing and drawing because I think they’re the ways I’ve found to express myself best. Photography has just recently become and interest of mine but I’d love to give it a go and try to really capture my experience in Melbourne the best I can.

10945026_10152729585313246_1806621415176441388_nSarah Evans
University of Cincinnati
Rome, Italy
Since a very young age, I have been enthralled by ancient world history– Ancient Rome and Greece in particular. That interest eventually drove me into my desired college majors and career aspiration: Archaeology of Social Complexity and Classical Civilizations in hopes of becoming a museum curator focusing in Roman Archaeology. I’m a firm believer in experiential learning, so what better place is there for me to study than Rome itself?! From my experience abroad I hope to gain new and endless knowledge not only through academics, but also though learning both a new language and culture in beautiful Roma!

View More: http://hannahbadeerphotography.pass.us/senior2013andreaAndrea Gajardo
University of Nebraska- Lincoln
Valparaiso, Chile
Hi! My name is Andrea and I am from Lincoln, Nebraska, but my parents are both from Chile, so I’ve been raised in a Spanish-speaking home all of my life. I love my Chilean heritage and would love to explore it more deeply, which is why I decided to study abroad in Chile, as well as being able to see the relatives that I rarely get to see. I love traveling and seeing the world, but I also love staying at home and reading a good book, and writing about things that I love.

20150122_120531Amy Givens
Western Kentucky University
Mumbai, India
I am a 43 year old, non traditional female student; who has returned to school after my children became independent and have either finished school and/or become employed. I have been a LPN for almost 20 years, working both in the US and overseas, and have just completed my RN degree program. Now I am working on finishing my BS in Public Health Education with my minor Global Health Service. This study abroad trip will complete my practicum for Global Health Service. I want to continue working with international people groups both at home and abroad after I finish my degree. I choose the India/ Asia Culture as this is an area which I have had little exposure. I am hoping to expose myself to a new culture and open my mind at learn and hopefully to teach others about our culture. I know that I am not the typical study abroad student and it will be a challenge for not only for myself but for the people I will be serving with to understand my need for additional learning and service at a time when most in their society are starting to thinking about retirement not starting a new career.

IMG_2590bArianna Grelling
Whittier College
Sydney, Australia
Hello and welcome! My name is Arianna Grelling and I am exceptionally grateful to be spending the spring semester of my sophomore year down under in cosmopolitan Sydney, a city of opportunity. As a professional home-dweller, the idea of stepping 7,525 miles outside of my comfort zone is quite unnerving. But the idea of immersing myself in an unfamiliar culture and discovering not only this world, but also myself has a certain je ne sais quoi that makes it appealing. So as long as I’ve got a camera in my hand and a guitar on my back, I’m ready.

pic1Nicole Guinn
University of Mary Washington
Dunedin, New Zealand
Visiting New Zealand has always been my ultimate goal in life. I have a wild obsession with that country; you can even ask my elementary school friends. I am studying abroad this semester because this is a valuable opportunity for me to experience Earth’s phenomena and supplement my strong passion for Geology which will make me a more valuable candidate for graduate school. New Zealand has a generous range of geological marvels like volcanoes, earthquakes, geothermal areas, and astonishingly picturesque landscapes. Imagine having a massive natural laboratory for a Geologist to work in; it is a dream come true.

Joe Hams ISA idJoseph Hams
University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Lima, Peru
Hola! I’m a 20 year old sophomore at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. I’ve wanted to go abroad my whole life, and what better time to do it than when in college? In my free time, apart from speaking Spanish, I love to read, watch TV, ride bikes, listen to music, and travel! I’ve always found Peru interesting culturally, politically, historically, and geographically. During my time in beautiful Peru, I look forward to showering you all with my observations, thoughts, and opinions about life in Peru! Adios!

IMG_7478Megan Kelly
Arizona State University
Barcelona, Spain
My name is Megan Kelly and I study Economics and Global Studies at Arizona State University. I was born and raised in Arizona, meaning any weather below 70 degrees requires a sweater. In my spare time I like to dance, cook, and go on adventures. I have had the humbling opportunity to travel before, and like most people who have, I caught the bug. So, for the next four months I will be studying at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. I am hoping to improve my Spanish skills and learn some Catalan while studying here. I am also excited to learn more about the culture, food, and people in Barcelona.

10928771_10204996111676466_1000817080_nAllaina Kling
University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg
Barcelona, Spain
I had the opportunity to study abroad in Cadiz, Spain for the first time in the summer of 2013. This was the beginning of my Spain addiction. I want a new and different experience, which is why I chose Barcelona! I hope to learn more about the Catalan culture, expand my language skills, and understand what it means to be a Spaniard. About me, I am goofy but passionate, spontaneous but reliable. I enjoy taking time to stop, breath and absorb my surroundings. Cliche, I love photography and capturing a moment, feeling, location you may never experience again.

394176_10151198643175530_827957447_nRachel Lewis
St. Ambrose University
London, England
My name is Rachel Lewis and I am a twenty-year-old student, majoring in Women and Gender Studies at a small liberal arts institution. Having never really travelled outside of the States, I’ve always held close the idea of studying, travelling, and living abroad. Humor helps navigate the stresses of leaving home to live abroad; I love stand up comedy and secretly aspire to be a comedian. I’m a bookworm, as well – which makes me eager to write about my adventures (while mixing in the humor I will likely find in many places and experiences)!

048Grace Lower
The Ohio State University
Granada, Spain
I’m currently studying English and Spanish with plans to become an ESL instructor. And what better way to understand language acquisition than to spend a semester as a language-learner a foreign country? While my trip will be filled with unforgettable experiences, I hope to leave Granada with a deeper understanding of intercultural communication. When I’m not buried in a novel or brushing up on my Spanish, I can usually be found running (I’ll be training for my second marathon while I’m in Granada), making terrible puns, reading up on 16th century history, or scoping out the local music scene.

IMG_3419Michael Massaad
University of Dayton
Madrid, Spain
I’m currently a Spanish major at the University of Dayton. At Dayton I’ve played college football for 3 years and have taking classes ranging from o-chem to finance. I’m studying abroad because I want to learn the Spanish language and experience cultures other than our own. I think what makes me unique is that I have a desire to constantly keep learning and the willingness to face my fears and go outside of my comfort zone. I have been taking spanish for awhile now and want to become fluent, but other than that I’ve been heavily involved in sports, acting, and playing the guitar.

imageHaley Massad
University of Louisville
Valparaiso, Chile
I am currently a Spanish major, Arabic minor junior at the University of Louisville, and am preparing for my second study abroad with ISA – one was just not enough! Last summer, I studied abroad in Amman, Jordan and this spring, I am headed to Valparaiso, Chile to set off on my first South American escapade and improve my Spanish. Looking back on my life thus far, there is no experience I hold closer to my heart and no experience that has taught me more than traveling. I am looking so forward to sharing more of my life-changing, unforgettable experiences here!

IMG_7055Joshua McKibben
University of Idaho
Thessaloniki, Greece
I am a senior and wanted to maximize my senior year, so I’m headed to Greece. Having earned my AA from a community college, I went to a 4 year and eventually enrolled solely online, in order to work and travel while finishing my BS. I value actual experience as well as independent study in and building relationships and connections around the world, which is why I have already travelled abroad independently. I’m seeking a variety of cultural influences and business perspectives in order to better prepare myself to launch start ups internationally, and am looking forward to traveling abroad formally with an official establishment.

image1Katelyn Mudd
Grand Valley state University
Cusco, Peru
I am an International Relations major with a minor in Spanish. I was a reporter and editor of my high school newspaper, I worked for a semester as a reporter for the Laker Life section of Grand Valley’s student newspaper, The Lanthorn, and I also had an internship with The Kane County Chronicle, my hometown’s local newspaper. I am studying abroad this semester because I love to travel and am looking to become more fluent in Spanish. I am hoping to immerse myself deeply into the Peruvian culture and explore all that the country has to offer.

IMG_0378Matthew Ornstein
St. Edward’s University
Buenos Aires, Argentina
I am a Jamaican born American citizen who is currently in his second year at St. Edward’s University. Soccer, real estate, and cars are among my favorite hobbies and I would like to learn more about investments as I am a finance major. Spanish fluency is my mane objective through studying abroad and I also think I will fall in love with Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America.

blog photoErika Ose
Middle Tennessee State University
Brussels, Belgium
I have previously studied abroad in Greece, and it fascinated me. I wanted to try another country to see the differences in how foreign countries operate their affairs. During my time abroad, I hope to gain valuable insight into foreign policy that will serve me in my future career. I am unique because I don’t want to be a tourist–I wanted to be a traveler. As GK Chesterton said in one of my favorite quotes, “The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see.” Special hobbies include exploring, reading, and enjoying a soccer match.

DSCN0554Anthony Palmisco
Seton Hill University
Sevilla, Spain
Being that I grew up in a small town, I’m yearning to spend my days enjoying the sun in the lively city of Sevilla! I have been in Spain once before, and after visiting this amazing city, I was instantly hooked. Triana, flamenco, and la Giralda all beckoned me to return! As a lifelong musician, I’m ecstatic to see the vibrancy of the Spanish artistic culture emerge. Since I am a Spanish/education major, I know that not only will this experience build my fluency, but will also as a whole enhance my journey as a language learner and educator.

FullSizeRenderMargaret Panetta
College of Charleston
Paris, France
Hi there! I’m Maggie Panetta, a native of Northern Virginia and a sophomore at the College of Charleston. I’m studying Public Health and International Studies, with the hope of pursuing a career in humanitarianism. Paris was the first foreign city I visited, and it sparked a love of travel that has since led me to Japan, Ghana, and several European cities. I am thrilled to be spending a semester this beautiful and fascinating city. During my time here, I hope to improve my language skills and maybe even pass for a real “Parisienne”!

moiJoslyn Rojewski
University of Nebraska at Omaha
Heredia, Costa Rica
My name is Josie and I am a Foreign Language major studying in Costa Rica this spring. I am extremely excited to be able to use spanish while abroad, because I grew up in a boring and not-at-all-diverse setting (I’m from Seward, Nebraska. AKA white-bread world). A huge part of learning and actually being able to use another language effectively is understanding the culture or cultures that go along with that language, so I hope to become more familiar with this one.

image1-1Alyson Russo
University of South Carolina, Columbia
Gold Coast, Australia
Since fall semester of my freshman year I discussed going abroad with my advisor and he set courses aside for me to take. I have never been out of the country before, and I think that influenced my concrete decision to take this opportunity. For that reason, I am planning on doing as much as possible while abroad. I set up a job interview at a Rugby Stadium, I am planning on taking surfing lessons, and even the 3-day orientation will be filled with activities only Australian students can have and I’d love to document it for others to see.

IMG_20141015_141722459_HDRLlynea Sherwin
University of Texas at Arlington
Amman, Jordan
Marhaba! I am studying abroad because I am minoring in Arabic and I want to fully immerse myself in the language. I hope to become more fluent in the dialect spoken in Jordan and learn about the various customs and differences between cultures. I hope to meet people who I can stay in contact with when I return to the US so that I can continue to improve my language skills upon my return. I love to stay active and play all kinds of sports. I also love to discuss current matters, whether politically or otherwise with people who have different backgrounds or viewpoints than I. I try to view things from an objective standpoint rather than getting upset with any opinions I don’t agree with.

sarahSarah Smaby
Michigan Technological University
Limerick, Ireland
I am Sarah Smaby, and I am a second year engineering student at Michigan Technological University doubling majoring in biomedical engineering and mechanical engineering. I love playing tennis, being outdoors, solving puzzles, and traveling. I have traveled to over forty states, but never been overseas, and I am ecstatic about studying abroad in Limerick, Ireland and having the opportunity to explore Ireland and Europe. When abroad I hope to learn about the world through meeting others and traveling around. I can’t wait to see new sights, taste new foods, and experience a new culture!

044_2Lindsay Strong
Creighton University
London, England
I’m from small-town Nebraska, only 45 minutes away from home for college. By studying abroad, I’m doing a lot more than crossing the pond; I’m learning what it will be like to be 6 time zones away from family, understanding a new culture, and traveling Europe as much as I can. I don’t know anyone in the program so I’ll be forced to go out and try new things. A favorite activity of mine is to act like Martha Stewart, whether that is trying a new recipe or figuring out how a pink-rubber eraser can be made into fashionable décor.

image1Kerry Ulm
The Ohio State University
Paris, France
Growing up in a travel-loving family, I’ve always dreamt of studying abroad, and I’m excited to finally have the chance! I’m a third year International Studies major at Ohio State, specializing in Globalization Studies, and minoring in French, Economics, and Creative Writing. After graduation, I’d like to become a travel writer, museum curator, professor – or maybe all three! Studying in Paris will be my first time living abroad, and I’m so thankful for the opportunity!

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