Summer 2015

2378849_1413429241.6552Dax Abrams
William Paterson University
Barcelona, Spain
Hello, my name is Dax Abrams. I initially decided to study abroad when I visited the study abroad fair at my school. I then decided to roll with ISA, and shortly after decided that Barcelona, Spain was the most brilliant location for me to choose this summer. I have not met a single person who didn’t point out that I was different from others, I think outside the box. I don’t follow people because sometimes I feel I can offer them ideas that the crowd hasn’t already thought of! I love acting and modeling. I am also into gymnastics, hiking, and bike riding! I love going out and finding awesome shops and restaurants that I can remember for years to come. I am aware that this world has so much to do and see and I want to discover it all!

Ash and pup on the subwayAshley Alvey
Berea College
Lille, France
I have been blind since birth, but I’ve repelled down a 100 foot wall, climbed the Eiffel tower and have ice skated. I have always wanted to show the world that disability that doesn’t have to limit opportunities. Last year I got a guide dog and am a more confident traveler. Since childhood, I have wanted to travel the world. In France, I look forward to speaking French daily, experiencing the culture, and learning about the educational system. I hope to gain everlasting friendships, and to come back to the States with more knowledge about France.

IMG_4732Sarah Ashour
SUNY College at Old Westbury
Meknes, Morocco
I am a Muslim Egyptian-American, and I plan on strengthening my Arabic and my faith while abroad. I will be partaking in the Meknes program in Morocco, which runs throughout Ramadan, and this will be an amazing experience for me to fast alongside other Muslims, and witness beautiful Moroccan culture right before my eyes. Also, strengthening my Arabic has been a long sought goal since I do not get to use it much while I am in America. I am an avid traveler, who likes to write, volunteer in various environments, and mentor students.

soxcityCampbell Atkins
Western Illinois University
London, England
I am a sophomore at Western Illinois University where I major in sports broadcasting and minor in journalism. I am from Glen Ellyn, Illinois, which is a suburb outside of Chicago. Because I live so close, I have always had a fascination with big cities. This fascination along with my love for history and other cultures is ultimately why I wanted to study abroad in London this summer. I am a sports enthusiast and a die-hard Chicago White Sox and Bears fan. I think I am unique because I understand people of all backgrounds and can converse with anyone.

11401098_10152955698548553_474652424688646507_nKatharine Campbell
The University of Findlay
Valparaiso/Vina del Mar, Chile
My first year in high school, I fell in love with the Spanish language and its many diverse cultural groups. Since then, I have hoped and voraciously sought out an opportunity to study and live abroad in a Spanish-speaking community. After many trials and tribulations, finally my time has come as a senior in college at the University of Findlay. I am beyond thrilled and excited to learn and grow as a student, a second language learner and a young adult during my time in Chile. I believe that my open-mindedness, compassion and patience will set me apart and allow me to make the most of my experience.

shaiShai Carter
Mississippi State University
London, England
My background is that I’m a Southern lady with plenty of hospitality. I come from a blended family and have 4 sisters. I’m studying abroad this semester so I can find out more about myself and who it is that I am exactly. I hope to get out of my comfort zone that I have been raised in and lived in for my entire life. The thing that makes me unique from many other people is my gift of identifying emotions/vibes. I have a key for picking up on emotions people feel that they really are hiding and my hobbies include acting and being apart of the Theatre world and also volunteering and helping children.

IMG_20150609_150829 (2)Nicole Davis
Xavier University, Cincinnati OH
Valencia, Spain
I am a Spanish teacher at high school and I am a graduate student for secondary education and Spanish. I am excited to study abroad so I can strengthen my language skills, meet new people, experience a new culture and take classes at a native university. I am going into this experience with an open mind and I’m super excited to experience life in a new country! I have never studied abroad before so this will be my first experience. I would love to have the opportunity to share my experiences at ISA with others and encourage them to study abroad also! I enjoy doing anything and everything especially outdoor activities. I also like to cook, read, go on runs, and I love animals.

FullSizeRenderStephanie Druziako
Rowan University
Florence, Italy
The point at which people of differing cultures mix and find harmony is a gift only the lucky get to experience. I am referring to both studying abroad as well as myself. My Ukrainian grandfather moved to Brazil to meet my grandmother. They had my father and moved to the United States where he met my Italian mother. Seeking out and embracing different cultures runs in my blood and is an unrelenting desire of mine. This year, I am thrilled to be able to continue this tradition of understanding and adventure in Italy, but even more, to have fun.

255420_4727431949048_1139850703_nEmilie Ehrman
The University of Findlay
Brussels, Belgium
I am an ambitious young soul on the search for adventure. Ever since I was old enough to name the continents, I knew I was going to have to visit them. I am a nomad of my time, simply going where the wind takes me (and this summer, it’s Belgium!). When I return home, I hope to inspire others to embark on their own adventures. I have a passion for equestrianism (horseback riding), and I have been pursuing that passion for 16 years now. Crazy dreams make cultured individuals!

11072537_10205879874303600_2743572916171339357_nEmalydia Flenory
University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Santiago, Chile
I’m a senior English major with an emphasis in professional writing and a minor in public relations. I’m from Wisconsin, and I thought it was time to get out Midwest and try something that is out of my comfort zone and exciting. Doing an internship while being abroad was the perfect opportunity for me to do so! Outside of expanding my writing ability, I really hope to gain a new cultural perspective to add to my identity. I believe that being a Midwest girl from a multiracial background in a Hispanic culture will make for a very interesting blog.

ISA blog photoSara Giska
Miami University of Ohio
Florianopolis, Brazil
The path that led me to Brazil was quite an unexpected one. After not thinking that I could afford to study abroad again, having previously studied in Spain, remarkably, I was awarded a Boren Scholarship (a program run through the Department of Defense) for eight months of study in Brazil. Wow, what a country: I’ve been in Salvador for six months already, and my time in Florianòpolis will help advance my Portuguese skills. Through some research, I’ve learned that Floripa is a great surfing locale—in my free time, I hope to pick up a new hobby!

tim picTim Hofmeister
Grand Valley State University
Cusco, Peru
This summer I get the amazing opportunity to volunteer in Cusco, Peru for 2 months. I couldn’t be more excited, and my patient family can vouch for that :). This is my 2nd trip abroad, as i went to the DR two summers ago for a study abroad experience. Traveling has been a big part of my life, as although I’m only 22 I’ve lived in 6 different states. I’m a big fan of sports, shooting the breeze with friends, FOOD, and telling (bad) jokes.

IMG_0422Jillian Morneau
Stevens Institute of Technology
Lille, France
I am a 2 out of 5 chemical engineering major with the hopes of having a career in the cosemetic industry. I am studying abroad this summer in France because I want to take a risk. I have traveled alone a few times before but this is the first time when I don’t know the language. Learning French as been a goal of mine and I dont know of any better way to do it. I am what you would call an extroverted introvert. I love to just sit back and take everything in but I’m not afraid to get out there and experience the world.

picsendinginMarissa Sariol-Clough
James Madison University
Sevilla, Spain
I was raised in North Jersey and have worked ever since I was 14 years old at the same pool club. I am a certified workaholic and have had a variety of jobs over the years. I love working very much and saved up to pay for this trip entirely on my own. Not working for 2 months while I am studying abroad will be the longest I haven’t worked since I can remember. This is a huge opportunity for me and I intend on learning everything I can while soaking up the culture. I have never been out of my comfort zone and this will most certainly be a new experience for me!

11390015_10206989694046599_8975309841949832227_nKurt Stilwell
Bridgewater State University
Beppu, Japan
My name is Kurt Stilwell, and this summer I am studying abroad in Beppu, Japan. I am going abroad for many reasons, starting from my love of anime and wanting to genuinely learn more about the culture. However, a big reason I followed through with this decision is to gain courage, to show that I can follow my dreams and see it come to reality. Along with going to Japan, I want to write a novel. If I can make one dream come true, why not others?

DSCN0822 (2)Kelley Wollak
University of Nebraska Omaha
Malaga, Spain
I play volleyball for UNO and have an amazing opportunity to go study abroad for a month. Not many NCAA Division I student-athletes get the chance to do this. But, I want to encourage as many athletes as I can to get outside of their comfort zone and take a little time off from training. I hope to become a better Spanish speaker, play sand volleyball with some of the locals and explore a world I have only read about.

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