Summer 2014

Kayla Beers ISA study abroad

Kayla Beers
University of Pittsburgh at Bradford
Galway, Ireland

Hello! My name is Kayla Beers, and I am a small town girl from Campbell, New York. I am a writing major and International Studies minor at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. I developed a love for traveling eight years ago when my aunt took me on a tour of several states out west, and since then I have been to seven different countries. I love learning about other cultures and meeting new people. For a while now I have felt myself being pulled towards the Emerald Isle, and I am thankful for the opportunity to study there in Galway this summer! It is my hope that I will not only be able to learn more about myself through this experience, but also gain more inspiration for my writing. I’m excited to immerse myself in the Irish way of life, as well as sharing my experiences and photos along the way!

IMG_0713Kate Chisholm
University of Arizona
Florianopolis, Brazil

I am an altruistic and adventurous graduate student and former Peace Corps Volunteer currently earning a dual Master’s degree in Public Health and Latin American Studies at the University of Arizona. I was born in a car and consequently raised in southern New Hampshire, where I attended the University of New Hampshire to receive a B.A. in International Affairs and Spanish. I am looking forward to the ISA program in Floripa, Brazil for the intensive Portuguese language classes, the unique blend of cultures, and its quick access to an island of beaches. While abroad, I hope to acquire Brazilian dance moves, a taste for exotic fruits, and the humorous tales of inevitable misunderstandings while learning a foreign tongue.

DSCN0654Caroline Clarke
Furman University
Paris, France

As a self proclaimed francophile from a small town in Texas, I am setting out to find the best the city of lights has to offer. Follow me as I wander the streets of Paris in search of the best macaroons, cafe au lait, shoes, and more! I am a junior at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina. I am a business major, with an concentration in English. I will be studying business at the American School of Business in Paris, France. I am hoping to experience Paris like the locals do, and find some hidden gems!

ProfilePic1Casey Gale
Rider University
London, England

My name is Casey, and I’m a New Jersey native attending Rider University. Even though I’m a journalism and American studies double major, I have always wished to study and travel beyond my country. I have dreamt of visiting London since I was a little girl, and I feel so lucky to be living out that dream so early in life. Though I am looking forward to taking in the sights and immersing myself in the culture, I must admit that I’m also quite excited to visit for geeky reasons; London is the home of Doctor Who and Harry Potter, after all! So, readers and fellow writers, hop in the TARDIS with me and let’s go for an adventure in England.

index.10967.833873778109670Sydney Grace
University of Cincinnati
Florence, Italy

My name is Sydney Grace, I am 19 years young, and I grew up in Dublin, Ohio. I now attend the University of Cincinnati where I have combined my passion for fashion, and my ventures in the business world by majoring in Marketing and minoring in Fashion Design. I decided to follow my dreams and take advantage of my last summer home by attending my first study abroad experience. I chose Italy because of its immense beauty and its fascinating culture that have always attracted me. Also, the history, sights and opportunities to discover myself are endless. During my three weeks in Florence, Italy, I will be taking a fashion marketing class and blogging about my learning’s and adventures. I am a huge fan of eating delicious foods, and meeting new people, both of which will make their way into my blog, along with just about anything that sparks my interest and immerses me in the Italian culture. I hope this experience broadens my knowledge in my fields of study and aids me in becoming a cultured and worldly student and traveler. I am not sure what to expect, which is probably the most exciting part of this experience. So, stay tuned to find out, be inspired, possibly end up hungry, and experience Italy through my eyes!

424833_3434837708866_1694047139_nAmanda Greco
Saginaw Valley State University
Prague, Czech Republic

I’m Amanda Greco, and I’m 20 years old who is going into my third year of college at Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan. I’m a graphic design major who has a passion for art, such as painting and photography. I work as a waitress and am also a part-time painting Instructor at Michael’s Craft Store; I love my jobs! In my spare time, I like to work out, hang out with family and friends, travel and read. I have a pet cat named Leo and a pet dog named Dory, which are both spoiled rotten by me. Lastly, I live with three sorority sisters whom I cherish and have the best times with. Life’s too short so I like to enjoy it!

PassportphotoKelli Green
University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Cusco, Peru

I am from Lincoln, Nebraska and will be a junior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I am studying broadcasting, advertising, public relations, and global studies. I chose the ELAP program in Cusco, Peru because I want to learn Spanish through serving a diverse community with a rich history. I hope to learn to live independently, step outside of my comfort zone, immerse myself in the Spanish language and Peruvian culture, and have a lot of fun along the way.

1902983_10203437306832621_8479568905811179624_nCresonia Hsieh
University of Florida
Santiago, Dominican Republic & Salamanca, Spain

I am a nineteen-year-old, second- year journalism student at the University of Florida (UF) from Boca Raton, FL. Writing from Santiago, Dominican Republic, I hope to improve my Spanish-speaking skills as a prospective, yet undeclared, Spanish minor. After the Dominican Republic, I will be staying in Salamanca, Spain for six weeks in a last ditch effort to continue my struggling language studies. I chose the Dominican Republic custom program with ISA because it offered me the ability to take classes toward my prospective minor, live with natives and help others through literacy programs in underprivileged areas. As for my Salamanca, Spain program with ISA, I chose it because I was attracted by the homestay options, interesting classes and desirable excursions. The goal of becoming conversational in Spanish are hopes for both programs. My hobbies include amateur photography, intensive Facebook lurking and curling up with a good book when I have the time. This blog will include a variety of topics ranging from personal insights, to tips and tricks to surviving abroad. I welcome you to accompany me on this once-in-a-lifetime journey, and hope that this will be least boring for you and most exciting for me. With that said, bienvenidos!

IMG_4190Allison Ingram
University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
Paris, France

My name is Allison Ingram, and I’m a sophomore at the University of Alabama double majoring in journalism and marketing with a minor in history. After six years of studying French throughout junior high and high school in Alabama and a lifetime of chronic Francophila, I’m thrilled to abandon the South’s torrential humidity for a summer in Paris. For me, the city invites the perfect intersection of modern culture and rich history; every corner saturated in a different story and every day a new adventure. Follow me as I explore, savor, and experience the world of a true Parisian in the City of Lights!


10418251_10203812086368206_2449097183219838583_nKaitlin Kueny
University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Rome, Italy

My name is Kaitlin Kueny and I was born and raised in the lovely Omaha, Nebraska. I am entering my junior year at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln majoring in biochemistry with minors in chemistry, math, and business. I hope to go into a career in the health field and for right now the plan is pharmacy school. I am studying abroad this summer in Rome, Italy and cannot wait to experience the treasures and culture Italy has to offer. I am excited for my classes, sightseeing, the food, and all of the wonderful people I will meet! I also look forward to being in Italy during the world cup and getting to experience the excitement with the locals while the games are on. I am looking forward to this once in a lifetime experience and how I will grow as a person.

ISAHannah Peterson
Ohio Northern University
Galway, Ireland

I’m a Cincy girl; My hometown is Cincinnati, Ohio. We’re famous for Graeter’s Ice Cream, Skyline Chili and forever-loyal fans for not so great sports teams. I am a student working toward my bachelor’s degree at Ohio Northern University in the village of Ada, Ohio. Ada is famous for the surrounding cornfields and the painfully frigid temperatures during the winter. I will be a junior this fall. I am studying public relations as my major and will complete a double minor in communication studies and social media as well. I’m spontaneous, sometimes a little sarcastic, energetic and passionate about accomplishing my goals. These personality traits are driving factors for my decision to study abroad this summer. I have always wanted to travel and experience new things. My adventure this summer will be in Galway, Ireland. Not only is Ireland gorgeous, but the history and culture is captivating. The city of Galway is a thriving, culturally rich city on the western coast of Ireland. I chose to study abroad in Galway because the culture is extremely interesting and attractive to me. I want to experience the city and enjoy the festivals, museums, plays, music and diverse breathtaking landscapes. While studying at the National University of Ireland – Galway, I will take two classes, go on several excursions with other students in my program and explore the city of Galway. I will have the opportunity to sightsee, attend the Galway Arts Festival and completely immerse myself in the culture. I only have one month abroad and I intend to embrace and enjoy every moment of this incredible adventure!

Identification photo (2X2)Megann Phillips
Arizona State University
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hey there! The name’s Megann Phillips and I’m a sophomore at Arizona State University studying journalism, anthropology and Latin American studies. I’m a native of Portland, Oregon. I’m a nature-lover. I’m an avid hiker. My cats and I are pretty tight. I collect National Geographic Magazines. I’ve probably dropped my iPhone more than a million times. To understand who I am, you really only have to remember three adjectives: curious, adventurous and enthusiastic. I’m very passionate about history and international culture, and that’s why I chose to study in Buenos Aires, Argentina this summer! While I’m here, I plan to improve my Spanish, taste some delicious food, view some gorgeous landscapes and get lost a few times. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to share these experiences abroad with other ISA students and potential ISA students via the ISA Student Blog. I can only hope that all of you guys will enjoy reading about them!

KatlinKatlin Pierce
Minot State University
Valencia, Spain

I am Katlin Pierce, a 23 year old education major and art enthusiast. I live in a very small city close to the Canadian border in North Dakota. I love cooking, photography, and coffee most of all. I look forward to sharing my adventures with you all!




HaileyHailey Sanden
University of California, San Diego
Salamanca, Spain

¡Hola! My name is Haley Sanden, and I’ll be going into my second year at The University of California, San Diego this fall. I’m studying Literature/Writing, and am minoring in both Biology and Law. My major includes advanced studies of secondary-language literatures, and what better place to study Spanish literature than in Spain? I’m absolutely thrilled to have this opportunity to study abroad and look forward to sharing all the amazing experiences I have this summer in Salamanca.

Angie SchusterAngela Schuster
Arizona State University
Barcelona, Spain

¡Hola! I’m Angie Schuster, a rising junior at Arizona State University. I am a broadcast journalism student at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication and I am also double minoring in political science and event planning. I got bit by the travel bug in high school when I went on tours with the Phoenix Children’s Chorus to China, Italy and Canada. Ever since then I have had a desire to see the rest of the world and Spain has been at the top of my list. Two months in Barcelona doesn’t seem long enough, but I’m ready to start this adventure and make the most of my time here. I’m hoping to improve my Spanish and I plan on spending the majority of my time wandering Barcelona and taking in the culture and history of the city. I plan on traveling to a few other places in Europe while I’m abroad; Hopefully I can find enough time to fit it all in! I like to spend my time reading in coffee shops, wandering and visiting museums. I hope to share some of my favorite local spots, cultural experiences and inevitable travel mishaps with you while I am abroad!

photo1Jane Sitter
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Seoul, South Korea

Annyeonghaseyo! I am Jane, originally from Oshkosh, Wisconsin. If you’re familiar with ‘Oshkosh B’Gosh’ overalls you might have heard of my hometown before. I just finished my junior year at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in Minneapolis. There I decided to create my own major in the College of Liberal Arts, focused on English, Spanish, and Teaching English as a Second Language. After coming to my University I soon met some friends who studied Korean, and some friends from Korea. After getting to know them and learning how fun and intriguing the Korean language and culture was, I decided to start learning Korean as well and added a minor in Asian Languages and Literature to my degree, focusing on Korean. After graduation I hope to work at a University in International Programs. I’m looking forward to absorbing all that I can from this immersive experience abroad, and gaining valuable career preparation in teaching in a higher-education atmosphere.

ToombsSara Toombs
Thiel College
Meknes, Morocco

Hi there! I’m Sara Toombs, a dual psychology and English major at Thiel College in Greenville, Pennsylvania. I grew up in a small Pennsylvanian town and went to college in an even smaller one, and all along my curiosity for the great big world has grown constantly stronger. My passions for adventure and service led me to choose the ISA ELAP program in Meknes, Morocco. I am thrilled to be able to work with various organizations in Meknes, all the while discovering more about what I can do to make positive change in the world. I want to be pushed to ask many questions and say yes often. I know already that I will leave this country with a much better understanding of the world and my place in it.

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