Fall 2011

Corey Campos
ISA Barcelona, Spain – Fall 2 2011
Classmates Connecting Cultures Blogger
The Ohio State University

I am from Cincinnati, Ohio and attend The Ohio State University where I study Linguistics and Spanish. I decided to study in Barcelona because I was really excited about the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city combined with the classic Spanish culture. Also, the close proximity to the Pyrenees Mountains was very appealing to me because I plan on visiting that area at least once. I am partnering with Anderson High School in Ohio because I went there and I still have very good connections with the Spanish department as my mom is a Spanish teacher. As a result it will be very easy to set up the blog corresponding to the syllabus of the students. I hope to, through the blog and Classmates Connecting Cultures, record my most memorable experiences here in Spain along with the normal day-to-day life I will live. Also, I want to share my experiences with my family and friends and with other Spanish students who may be inspired to also study abroad and explore Spain and Spanish culture.

Martin Childs
ISA Sevilla, Spain – Fall 2 2011
Classmates Connecting Cultures Blogger
Florida A&M University

My name is Martin Childs and I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Currently, I attend Florida A&M University where I am studying Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. I will be studying abroad in Sevilla, Spain. The reason being, I want to learn more about the Spanish culture and deepen my knowledge and understanding of their political and economic issues. For Classmates Connecting Cultures this semester, I will be working with a 3rd grade class in Neidig Elementary School in Austin, Texas. I want to encourage the students, at an early age, to not be afraid to explore the world and learn more about the world by traveling and studying abroad. In their class, they are learning about cultures, and I plan to blog about the Spanish culture and the differences and similarities between the American culture and Spanish culture. I hope that by me participating in this program, I will be able to influence the students to learn about other cultures and participate in programs that allow them to do so. I also hope that I will be more attentive to the events and occurrences happening in Spain so that I will be able to blog about them effectively

Kaitlin Christenson
ISA Prague, Czech Republic – Fall 1 2011
Classmates Connecting Cultures Blogger
University of South Dakota

Greetings from Prague! My name is Kaitlin Christenson and I am a student at the University of South Dakota majoring in Contemporary Media and Journalism with a specialization in Public Relations and a minor in International Studies. I chose Prague as my study abroad destination to challenge myself in a city that differs greatly from my hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I am also very attracted to the adventures that lie in Eastern Europe so I can experience the rich culture of other countries like Hungary and Poland. I will be partnered with Andrea Michnik who is the Director of Public Relations and Social Media Marketing for ISA as well as a professor of a Public Relations class at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas, for Classmates Connecting Cultures. I feel very fortunate to be working with Andrea and her students so we can share and compare experiences from thousands of miles apart. I want others to see that studying abroad is a life changing experience and we have to be able to accept and enjoy other customs and traditions other than our own. I can hardly believe I am living in such an amazing city with so much history and I cannot wait to share my adventures with all of you!

Emily Eastman
ISA Paris, France – Fall 3 2011
ISA Featured Blogger
Seattle Pacific University

My name is Emily Laurae Eastman and I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon! I have attended Seattle Pacific University for the past two years, and I am double majoring in Communications and French. I absolutely adore baking cupcakes, going bargain hunting, listening to songs sung by the great Sam Cooke, and watching old movies starring Paul Newman, Cary Grant or Marilyn Monroe. I rarely go anywhere without my camera, just in case a wonderful moment happens to occur; photography is truly a passion of mine. Traveling to Paris, France has been my dream ever since I can remember, and the thought that I will be in the midst of this dream within a few months is unbelievable! I chose Paris, France as my program location because I want to finally create my own memories, opinions, and impressions about a city that has been on the forefront of my mind for many years… and I hear the food is pretty fabulous as well!

Mary Ferrian
ISA Lima, Peru – Fall 1 2011
ISA Featured Blogger
Luther College

My name is Mary Ferrian and I am from Red Wing, Minnesota. I go to the small and friendly Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, and plan on graduating with Spanish and Environmental Studies majors. I am a people person who enjoys hiking, cooking, and being outside. I chose to study abroad in Lima to improve my Spanish, learn about environmental views of this part of the world, and stretch my limits by spending time in a city much larger than I am used to.

Bry Larrea
ISA Buenos Aires, Argentina – Fall 2 2011
ISA Featured Blogger
University of Idaho

My name is Bryanna (Bry) Larrea and I am originally from Nampa, Idaho. I am a creative writing and international studies major and cannot WAIT for my year abroad in lovely Buenos Aires, Argentina. I just know—it will be love at first sight. There isn’t much to say about me other than that I am just a twenty-nothing girl searching for the best black coffee, biggest adventures, cheapest plane tickets, most bitter red wine, best guitar player, and my next writing project. Oh, and that I like long walks on the beach.

Katy Lichtsinn
ISA Valparaíso and Viña del Mar, Chile – Fall 1 2011
ISA Featured Blogger
Arizona State University

My name is Katy Lichtsinn and I am a Junior Pre-Med Kinesiology major from Arizona State University working on my Spanish minor at the Pontifical University of Valparaíso in Chile. I am also volunteering at the Consultorio Esperanza clinic with ELAP for the duration of my stay. Born in Tucson, I have lived in Arizona my whole life but have traveled to Spain, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico for short periods of time. I enjoy traveling, going on adventures, exercising, playing sports, wake-boarding, working with children, being creative, and spending time with friends. I hope studying in Chile will force me to become fluent in Spanish, learn about Chilean culture, and allow me to make international friends and connections.

Monique Malone
ISA Paris, France – Fall 2 2011
ISA Featured Blogger
The Ohio State University

Bonjour! My name is Monique Malone. I am from Flower Mound, Texas and currently attend The Ohio State University. My major is Political Science with a concentration in International Studies. My minors are French and Communications. For fun I love reading, watching movies (….especially the French ones), spending time with my friends, working out, eating new foods, and laughing it up with my sister Shannon. I chose the Paris program because it allows me the opportunity to complete my French minor requirements, while simultaneously experiencing a hotbed of culture and extraordinary food.

Salam Mustafa
ISA Amman, Jordan – Fall 1 2011
Classmates Connecting Cultures Blogger
California State University, San Marcos

Hello, I am Salam Mustafa a 21 year young full time student at California State University, San Marcos. I am from San Bernardino, California and currently a senior in college. I am majoring in Political Science with a concentration in International relations and will possibly minor in Global Studies. I am currently studying abroad in Amman, Jordan to study Arabic and I chose to study here because it offers such a rich history, many natural wonders, and I have some family here. One of my goals of studying abroad was to educate myself as well as educate students at my home university about the Middle East since many taboos are present in the West. I chose to correspond with the students at my home university, specifically those in political science classes. I am studying abroad in a historical period during the Arab uprisings and that has brought awareness and attention to lifestyle, culture, and infrastructure of the Middle East. I hope that being a CCC correspondent will encourage students to study abroad in the Middle East or raise their interest in the region. I hope that they themselves will be able to assess the cultural and political gap between the West and Far East and see how that affects communication and political relations.

Debbie Nguyen
ISA Paris, France – Fall 1 2011
ISA Featured Blogger
University of Denver

Hi Everyone! My name is Debbie Nguyen, born and raised in Ontario, Canada. I moved to the United States freshman year of high school, and am now currently attending the University of Denver in Colorado. I am majoring in Accounting at the Daniels College of Business. For fun, I love to hang out with my friends and family and just have a good laugh, travel, try different foods and mini-golf! (I’d like to think that I’m good at it, but realistically, it’s probably all just luck). I’ve spent the majority of my life in Canada in French Immersion School learning about the language, culture and country. I’ve read all about it in our books; now I’m ready to experience it all firsthand! So come along with me — to Paris Avec Debbie!

Tori Shover
ISA Madrid, Spain – Fall 2 2011
Classmates Connecting Cultures Blogger
Georgetown College

Hola! My name is Victoria, and I am spending the fall semester of 2011 to study Spanish in Madrid, Spain. At home in Kentucky, I am studying Elementary Education and Spanish at Georgetown College. Why Madrid? Why not? It’s a beautiful city, with a rich culture, that also offers excellent language courses. By studying here, I hope to become a well-rounded teacher who can better share my cultural knowledge and language skills with my future students. For this blog, I am sharing my experience with St. Patrick Elementary School of Louisville, Kentucky, because as a 2005 graduate, I feel it is a great way to give back to the school that has helped me to grow into the person I am today. I believe the students at St. Patrick’s could benefit from learning about another culture, particularly the culture of the language taught at their school. I am honored to be a representing member of the Classmates Connecting Culture program of ISA, and I hope my enthusiasm for Spain will inspire the students of St. Patrick’s to also explore the world!

Joanna Tomczyk
ISA Paris, France – Academic Year 2011-2012
ISA Featured Blogger
The College of New Jersey

My name is Joanna Tomczyk and I’m a student at The College of New Jersey. I’m currently double-majoring in French and International Studies, with a concentration in European Studies. France is the ideal study abroad location for me as both of my majors are related to it. I knew that I’d be studying abroad in Paris long before I even declared either major. Although I was born in New Jersey, both of my parents are from Poland and I have spent many summers on my uncle’s farm there. I’ve traveled to Spain and Canada, as well. In my spare time, I love to read–if it catches my interest, I will read just about anything. Fashion blogs, books about evolution, economics, biographies, classic and avant-garde novels are just a few examples of what I’ve read recently. I’m fairly outdoorsy (and love landscape photography!); give me a pair of hiking boots and a camera and I’m the happiest girl in the world.