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By ISA Florence student Hannah Beers, Evangel University

From Florianópolis, Brazil to Christchurch, New Zealand, ISA invites any current or former ISA students, interns, and service-learning participants to contribute as a Guest Bloggers on our innovative student blog.

We’re passionate about fresh storytelling, vibrant photos, and experimenting with new ways of sharing how study abroad is a formative experience for everyone who goes abroad.

Guest posts are a vital part of our blog, and we encourage interested students to apply.  ISA students who currently blog or are interested in building their writing/photography portfolios particularly pique our interest.

Advisors, faculty, parents and other international education aficionados are encouraged to visit ISA Today for news straight from ISA’s global headquarters in Austin, Texas.

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*Please note that the ISA Student Blog is reserved for current and former ISA participants and we are uninterested in pursuing outside partnerships.