Summer 2012

Chyna Bardarson
ISA Video Blogger – Florence (Summer 2)
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Hey Everyone! My name is Chyna Bardarson and I want you to come alongside me in this journey throughout Europe. Take a look at my first hand experience of studying abroad with ISA! I will let you guys know all of the traveling and cultural tips, local hot spots, and things to keep in mind before your departure! Every entry will include a “must see”, “must taste”, and “must do” suggestion for the city.

Carolyn Allen
ISA Featured Blogger – London (Summer 2)
Florida State University

Hi, I’m Carolyn. I grew up in a small town on the west central coast of Florida, and currently attend Florida State University where I’m studying English Literature. I have a deep appreciation for story telling, either through a good book, photography, or even sharing a recipe. Despite having a reputation of beaches and palm trees, Florida has a great southern influence. A lot of that southern influence comes directly from English tradition. I’m looking forward to London because it will add more depth to my understanding of who I am, as common interests and ideas are shared between a Floridian and our distant cousins across the pond. Keep posted as I share my discoveries of what makes Londoners who they are and maybe a little bit about who I am.

Sarah Barrett
ISA Featured Blogger – London (Summer 4)
University of Nebraska

Hello, readers! My name is Sarah Barrett, and this coming fall I will be a Senior at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. I am an English major with a concentration in British Literature and dual minors in Anthropology and Psychology. In my free time I love to run, ride my bike, spend time outdoors, drink loads of coffee, read, and find ways to be creative. I will be studying at King’s College in London this summer and simply cannot wait to be there! This study abroad trip has been a long time coming. I traveled to London in high school and vowed to return in order to live “like a local.” I am also eager to be in London during the Olympics! I do not doubt that this exciting time for the city will provide a special element to my time abroad.

Matthew Boles
ISA Featured Blogger – UF in Sevilla (ISA Custom Program)
University of Florida

Hello, my name is Matt Boles, and I am going to be a junior in the fall. I am from Bradenton, Fla., and I study at the University of Florida. My two majors are public relations and Spanish, and my minor is communications. I am currently training for a half-marathon, and I like to play tennis. Back home in the U.S., I like to write and hang out with friends. I was a contributing writer for the school newspaper, the Alligator, during the spring semester. I decided to study in Sevilla, Spain, because I want to become fluent in Spanish, and everyone says that being immersed in a language is the best way to learn. I picked Sevilla because I liked the idea of living with a host family, going to Morocco and visiting the beaches.

Kristina Borich
ISA Featured Blogger – Valencia (Summer 1 & 2)
University of Minnesota, Duluth

My name is Kristina Borich and I am from Pine City, Minnesota. I am studying anthropology, communication and Spanish at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. In my spare time I like to be outdoors. I enjoy hiking, running, biking, kayaking or canoeing and going for walks. I also like to read historical fiction novels and ethnographies. In my Spanish studies, I’ve enjoyed reading short stories by Julio Cortázar and poems by Pablo Neruda. I also like to write, which is why I chose to start a travel blog last summer when I volunteered in Urubamba, Peru. This summer I am continuing writing, only in a new blog, documenting my adventures in Valencia, Spain. I will be taking classes at the Universitat de València.

Lisa Brady
ISA Featured Blogger – Granada (Summer 4)
University of Alabama

My name is Lisa Brady and I grew up in New Orleans, LA. I am a Senior studying for a degree in Psychology & Spanish at the University of Alabama. After graduating I want to travel and teach English abroad and then plan on returning to college to study Public Relations. One of my passions is working with intellectually disabled children and adults. I also spend time volunteering with various youth mentoring programs in at-risk schools in Tuscaloosa. I am member of the University Honors Fellows program and International Honors Program. One of my hobbies is dancing, as I have danced for over 16 years and now teach classes as a certified Zumba instructor. I am also a huge fan of seafood and Mardi Gras parades. I will be traveling to Granada, Spain this summer to take language classes and immerse myself in the Spanish culture – and I cannot wait to get started!

Annie Cutler
ISA Featured Blogger – Meknes (Summer 1 & 2)
Kansas State University

Saalam! My name is Annie Cutler. I attend Kansas State University, where I am pursuing my undergraduate degree in political science/pre-law and public relations. This summer, I’ll be taking Arabic and political science classes at the beautiful Moulay Ismail University in Meknes, Morocco. I chose to study abroad in Morocco because I wanted to go somewhere no one else I knew had ever been; and it doesn’t hurt that all the pictures I saw of Morocco looked like a scene out of Aladdin! Who doesn’t want to spend the summer riding camels and wearing genie pants? Back home I spend my time tutoring student athletes, planning crazy adventures with my sorority sisters, and cheering on the Kansas City Royals, no matter how badly they’re playing. I don’t speak Arabic or French, the two main languages spoken here in Morocco, so I’m in for a lot of culture shock, but more importantly, the adventure of a lifetime.

Waldy Diez
ISA Featured Blogger – Salamanca (Summer 4)
Rowan University

¡Hola! My name is Waldy Diez, and I’m from south Jersey. I’m currently going into my third year at Rowan University with a double major in journalism and Spanish with a minor in International Studies and a concentration in online journalism. PHEW! What a mouthful! I want to grow up to be a bilingual journalist, but in the meantime, I thoroughly enjoy reading and being on the air-waves at my college radio station. I didn’t necessarily choose Salamanca; it chose me. Initially I wanted to study in Seville, but the business courses are not necessary for my liberal arts degree. Once I saw the Salamancan program, however, I fell in love with it – the history, the city, the culture. I knew instantly that it was the right place for me! I hope you all enjoy my Spanish adventure as much as I intend to!

Kate Gutmann
ISA Featured Blogger – Valparaíso/Viña del Mar (Summer 3)
The Ohio State University

Hi! My name is Kate Gutmann and I am a student at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. I grew up in a small suburb outside of Cleveland, Ohio. I am a Marketing major through the Fisher College of Business and I am also pursuing a Spanish minor. After a high school class trip to Spain I realized how much the Spanish language and culture fascinates me; I never wanted to leave. I chose to study abroad in Chile because I want to be able to increase my Spanish speaking abilities while being surrounded by native speakers and engulfed in a whole new way of life. Also, I can’t wait to volunteer with the locals and get to know them on a more personal basis. Everything about this trip excites me and I can’t wait to tell others about all of my amazing experiences and hopefully influence my peers to follow in my footsteps and study abroad too.

Elizabeth Hisle
ISA Featured Blogger – Paris (Summer 1)
Western Kentucky University

During my first visit to Paris at 17, I fell in love with the City of Lights, vowing to return. Now, the Paris in my dreams is a reality as I study art and architecture in the most beautiful city in the world. As a native of Louisville, KY and student at Western Kentucky University, studying abroad has allowed me to adapt to new culture and given me endless inspiration. I enjoy cooking, painting, photographing, sewing, and writing. My blog focuses on documenting my everyday life at home and abroad through my photography and will feature culinary adventures and “must-have” collages for the Parisian way of life.

Keron Hopkins
ISA Featured Blogger – Florianopolis (Year)
University of Missouri, Kansas City

Keron was born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas. She lived in New Jersey for seven years and Washington, DC for eight years. Currently, Keron is a graduate student at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and majoring in economics. Her future goal is to obtain a PhD in economics with an emphasis on development economics. Keron will spend one year in Brazil studying Portuguese and international economics with an emphasis on Brazilian economics.

Katie Jacobson
ISA Featured Blogger – Cusco (ELAP Summer 6)
University of Minnesota, Morris

Hello! My name is Katie Jacobson, and I will be a junior at the University of Minnesota, Morris this upcoming fall. I am a Spanish, Economics and Global Management major, and am currently studying abroad in Cusco, Peru. Instead of attending classes, I am volunteering. I am currently helping to teach English classes to kindergartners at a local school, and it is so much fun! I will be here until the middle of July, (I arrived in the middle of May), so feel free to check in and see how life is going in Peru! :)

Nilusha Jayasinghe
ISA Featured Blogger – Buenos Aires (Summer 1 & 2)
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

My name is Nilusha, and I am a 21-year-old student at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. I am majoring in Spanish and Biology on a pre-medical track. I was born and raised in Colombo, Sri Lanka until I was ten years old, which was when my family and I moved to Virginia Beach, VA. As a result of my skills in the sciences, passion for service, never-ending love for travel, and global health-care exposure, my ultimate goal is to become an international physician. I like to spend my spare time exploring my interests, first of which is traveling. I’m a very adventurous person and I find other cultures and people very fascinating. I have a ton of travel experience and have been to all continents but Antarctica, Australia, and now South America! I also love dancing! I’m very active, health-conscious, and like to work out regularly. I especially like to be outdoors, and love doing things like swimming and hiking. Overall, I would describe myself as VERY open-minded, friendly, outgoing, social, adventurous, free-spirited, active, honest, and motivated. I’m really looking forward to sharing my adventure abroad with everyone this summer!

Katrina Killian
ISA Featured Blogger – Santander (Summer 2)
University of Pittsburgh

I’m Katrina Killian, and I’m currently a student at the University of Pittsburgh studying Linguistics (possibly double-major with Communication Sciences and Disorders). I’m also minoring in German and Spanish. This coupled with my love for travel and experiencing other places, people, and customs has led me to study in Santander, Spain! After all, what better way to learn a language than being immersed in the culture?! I’ve been told I have an inquisitive nature, and I don’t doubt that; I love learning and exploring. I think laughter is the best medicine, so I’m known for doing silly faces in pictures and being goofy in general. I also enjoy being outside, gymnastics, travel, antiques, food, exploring, planes/flying, languages and photography. When I’m not doing those things, I’m often watching the Travel Channel, talking to penpals or playing with my pets. I can’t wait to capture this adventure via writing and photography!

Ayan Kusari
ISA Featured Blogger – Rome (Custom Program)
University of California, San Diego

Hey there! I’m Ayan Kusari. I’m a second year Biology major at the University of California, San Diego. I’ll be studying Renaissance literature and philosophy this summer in (where else?) Rome, Italy. Join me as I read and discuss some of the world’s greatest world’s greatest authors in the most romantic city on earth. I’m also an avid journalist (I’m an editor at the UCSD Guardian) and runner: so expect plenty on current politics, people-watching, and running routes along the way!

Allison Lambourne
ISA Featured Blogger – Hyderabad (Summer 1)
Arizona State University

Hello dear readers! Welcome to this journey through the majestic land of India. My name is Allison Lambourne. I am entering my senior year at Arizona State University. My major is Economics through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and I hope to eventually enter the broad field of international development. I love traveling and exploring, being a learner of cultures and people. In life, I enjoy a strong cup of coffee, long runs at dawn or dusk, reading, baking, water and snow skiing, and hiking. I’m so glad you’ve joined me for this amazing adventure.

Sheri McGuinn
ISA Featured Blogger – Lima (Summer 1)
Northern Arizona University

Sheri McGuinn has lived all over the U.S. A retired teacher, she now writes fiction and is working on a Masters in Technical Writing at NAU. She would like a career that involves travel. She’s in Lima this summer to improve her fluency in Spanish and experience Peru’s culture. The time frame of this particular program fit her schedule and the side trip to Machu Picchu sealed the deal.

Taylor Moore
ISA Featured Blogger – Morocco (Summer 1 & 2)
Grand Valley State University

Hello Readers! My name is Taylor Renee and I’m from Detroit, Michigan. Currently, I am majoring in Psychology and double minoring in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies at Grand Valley State University. This summer I am doing both summer programs with ISA in Meknes, Morocco. During my free-time you can usually find me reading, drinking coffee, and engaging in new creative ventures. I fell in love with the prospect of studying in Morocco after my friend went on the ISA Morocco program and raved about her life-changing experience. My sincerest hope is that I can reflect my love for this beautiful country in this blog and bring all of you along for the adventure.

Bethany Mullins
ISA Featured Blogger – Madrid (Summer 1 & 2)
Western Kentucky University

Hi! My name is Bethany, and I’m from Kentucky. I study Spanish and mass communications at Western Kentucky University. I love to travel, make vlogs, and eat European food. This summer I am studying in Madrid, the heart of Spain! I chose to come to Madrid because I wanted to study in a place where there is always something exciting going on. Madrid is right in the center of the country, so it is close to many other exciting cities in Spain.

Brittney Neset
ISA Featured Blogger – Seoul (Summer 2)
University of Minnesota, Duluth

Hi guys! My name is Brittney and I’m from Northfield, Minnesota. I am a Junior at the University of Minnesota Duluth where I’m studying to be an English teacher. I will be studying at Konkuk University in Seoul, South Korea as well as doing an internship there during the summer. I chose to study in Seoul because of its really unique mix of old and new within the city and culture. I love kpop and kdramas, so those were another influence to study there. In my free time, I like to read and write. When I’m not doing those things, I enjoy watching TV and movies, playing video games, and going on adventures. I’m truly looking forward to my time abroad and am excited to be able to share it with all of you who are reading the blog!

Samuel Norris
ISA Featured Blogger – Salamanca (Summer 4)
Ohio University

I am currently 22 and from the city of Cleveland. I like to be humble to my roots of winging adventures, so I have devoted every summer to an extended trip of some kind. I have backpacked in Costa Rica and Panama for a collective six weeks, lived in Israel for one month, and am currently studying at the University of Salamanca in Spain. Next year I plan to float down the Mississippi whenever the chance offers itself, starting in Minnesota and ending in the brackish water of the Louisiana River Delta. I am still looking for someone to go on the Mississippi with me, let me know if you’re at all interested.

Jackie O’Malley
ISA Featured Blogger – Florence (Summer 3)
The College of New Jersey

Hey everyone! My name is Jackie O’Malley and I’m a 20-year-young student with a soft spot for writing, running and French vanilla chai tea. This fall I’ll be going into my senior year at The College of New Jersey, where I am pursuing an English and Secondary Education major with a minor in Journalism. Studying abroad has always been a lifelong dream of mine, and I could not be more excited to engage in the rich Italian culture in Florence this summer. I know that this is going to be a life-changing adventure and I cannot wait to share it with you in these next few weeks!

Crista Pillitteri
ISA Featured Blogger – Paris (Summer 2)
Rowan University

Hi Im Crista! I’ve been craving to travel for too long and it’s finally here. From a hostel in Hungary to a dorm in France, I hope these are just the beginnings of many more travels. I’ll post some of the crazy events that unfold during my exploring. Hope you can dig!

Evan Reznicek
ISA Featured Blogger – Cusco (Summer 1)
University of Kansas

My name is Evan Reznicek, and I am a junior at the University of Kansas majoring in mechanical engineering. I grew up on a farm near Goff, Kansas, a small town of less than 200 people. I chose to study abroad in Cusco, Peru because I am interested in Latin American and indigenous culture and I want to improve my Spanish speaking abilities. During my time in Cusco I hope to gain experience in both communicating with people of different backgrounds than my own and in stepping completely outside of my comfort zone – experience that will be invaluable in my future career as an engineer. I also look forward to trying new foods, listening to traditional Andean music, and seeing some amazing new sites.

Katie Thompson,
ISA Featured Blogger – ELAP Costa Rica (Summer 8)
University of Michigan

Hola! I’m Katie Thompson, a senior at the University of Michigan. I’m triple majoring in Spanish, Art History, and Creative Writing, and I also studied Japanese. Last year I studied abroad in Granada, Spain for six months, and this summer I’m tackling Costa Rica through an internship with ELAP. I’ve travelled around Europe, now I’m hitting up Central America, and hopefully one day I’ll conquer (or at least transverse) the world! I hope my posts will help prepare you for whatever adventure you embark upon.

Sarah Vines
ISA Featured Blogger – Amman (Summer 2)
Texas A&M University

Howdy! My name is Sarah Vines and I’m a senior at Texas A&M University. Through ISA, I’m able to pursue first-hand knowledge of political environments and diplomatic solutions here in the Middle East. I’m spending Summer I and II at Al Ahliyya University in Amman, Jordan. I’m really wanting to give every reader a realistic taste of the every day experience here in Jordan. Hope this helps and peace be with you!!

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