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A Bit of Something Different

Lily Mowery is a student at the University of Alabama in Birmingham and an ISA Featured Blogger. She volunteered abroad with ISA Service-Learning in Galway, Ireland.  There are many different reasons why a college student would want to participate in a service-learning experience abroad. Maybe you want to […]

Alumni Spotlight: Cahner Olson

Cahner Olson was an ISA Global Ambassador at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She studied with ISA in Paris, Spring 2015. She now works as a social media manager and freelance photographer. She’s informed us that she’s visited 6/7 continents and over 40 countries! You can check out her website […]

Plan Ahead

Bethany Gillet is a student at Concordia University Nebraska. She is an ISA Featured Blogger and studied abroad with Veritas Christian Study Abroad in Stirling, Scotland. Transportation can be tricky. In order to get from place to place in a different country, most of the time a person will […]