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Maizito Grill, Cusco, Peru, Mudd-Photo1

5 Exotic Things to Try in Cusco

Katelyn Mudd is a student at Grand Valley State University and an ISA Featured Blogger. She is currently studying abroad with ISA in Cusco, Peru. Alpaca Please Tastes like chicken?!? Sorry, but not exactly. This unfamiliar dish has a unique taste all its own. It left me wondering… what does this taste like? Simultaneously […]


5 Must-Do’s in Peru

Kelli Green is a student at University  of Nebraska, Lincoln and an ISA Featured Blogger. Kelli is currently studying abroad with ISA-ELAP in Cusco, Peru. 1. Walk from the ISA office to the Plaza de Armas on Avenida de la Cultura. It is about an hour walk, and mostly locals […]


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