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Hit Me Already!

Hi, I am Helena. I decided to study abroad and guess what? Though I have been abroad for more than three weeks, it has not hit me that I finally made it to South Korea. After having heard so many people tell me “no”, I finally got the […]

First week as an Intern

Audrey Easley is a student at Seattle Pacific University and an ISA Featured Blogger. She is currently studying with ISA in Seoul, South Korea. The first week in a new country is always thrilling and a little scary. You and your new friends will be horribly sleep deprived but […]

Alumni Spotlight: Nnenna Umelloh

Nnenna Umelloh studied with ISA in Seoul during Summer 2017. She was an ISA Global Ambassador at the University of Houston. She now runs an achievement consulting practice, dedicated to helping students receive scholarships. You can follow her on Instagram @nnennaya_darling. Check out her website and LinkedIn account […]