Hay un arte…

Hay un arte andaluz muy bien conocido por todo el mundo: el flamenco. El flamenco es un forma de bailar popular que mucha gente se asocia con España. Se puede reconocer este baile por su estilo de usar las manos y los pies en una manera muy distinto. […]

Some Slight Miscalculations

It’s usually not a good idea to make assumptions about life in another country. Even simple assumptions like assuming that someone understands how long an inch or a foot is. (Because most people outside the USA use the metric system, they don’t have any idea what the length […]

Hello Spanish 3!

My name is Megan Jones and I graduated from Mentor High in 2007. I go to Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Ohio and am a junior Economics and Spanish double major. I’m spending Spring 2010 semester in Sevilla, Spain and attending the University of Sevilla. I live with a […]