Shopping Sales Galore in Paris

This has been a pretty busy couple of days. A steady stream of exams is fast approaching as I try to shake off the holiday rust and get back into “school mode.” Vacation is over. This was made evidently clear with the steady onslaught of assignments; I have […]

French University System

Hello Students, Here is an interesting note about the French University system. There, our holiday break would happen two weeks before finals. Isn’t that great. The scheme is very conducive to procrastination. I am not a procrastinator but still manage to want to study one or two things […]


Society in France is based upon the idea that everybody has the right to act upon their own will, but to treat other as equals who live together in a formal organization. That is a very sophisticated way to put the matter ergo I am going to make […]

Study Abroad Halftime

The home stay is still going well. There are some perks, like the food, Martine’s benevolence and Xavier. But there are some aspects of the home stay that I’ve gotten used to. Xavier is a pretty cool guy. He’s a bit older than me, but not mid 40’s […]