¡Buen aproveche!

Would you all like to know one of my favorite things in the whole world? Food. Food is a significant part of every culture in the world.  Food here in Spain is delicious!  Also, there are very specific foods that are a part of my everyday life and […]

Adam and Rana our professor

I Went to a Wedding

Before arriving in Jordan, everyone told me how hospitable and kind Jordanians were.  And in the last month or so I’ve really witnessed that from strangers inviting me in to their homes to share meals with their sisters, nephews, uncles, cousins, and brothers to the guy that works […]

Horses in the city

Fitting in

I have a Belgian friend who refers to me as his Belgian friend. Obviously, I am not Belgian, but my consistent willingness to meet him at a neighborhood bar on a Monday night has won me the title. Apparently, he hasn’t met another American so open to hanging […]

Things My Host Sister Has Taught Me

One of the many wonderful things about studying abroad is the option to stay with a host family. I am lucky enough to be placed with a lovely family that includes my two host siblings:  Jorge and Irene. Like my biological siblings, my host brother and sister are […]