Viaje a Valencia y más

Vale, este fin de semana pasado fui con el ISA a la ciudad de Valencia y hablaré sobre esta visita un poco. El sábado nos fuimos muy temprano a Valencia por bus y casi a la mitad del viaje paramos para tomar una excursión en el río en […]

Hola a Todo el Mundo!

Buenos día clase! Hope you all are doing well! How are your Spanish classes going? I would love to hear about what you all are learning! Study hard, and when you study abroad someday, it will make your experience all the better. Did you like the vocabulary we […]

From Spain to Portugal

I have been in Spain for around four weeks now, and I am enjoying every minute of it. When I last wrote, I gave you all a couple of differences between Spanish culture and American culture. I would like to share one more difference with you all, that […]