Chile, ¿cachaí?

For all who were wondering, “¿cachaí?” is a Chilean slang term that usually means something along the lines of “Got it?” They use it all the time. I am pre-med student working on the Spanish portion of my Kinesiology-Spanish double major this semester at the Pontificia Universidad Católica […]

Spanish Town of Ronda

Blog News: Due to recent complaints, mostly from my little brother, the blog will stay focused on Spain, my travels and observations. I’m also leaving behind the political journalistic tone of my last entry. From this point on you’ll be getting my personality for better or worse. Let […]


Amsterdam: Unique is a word that comes to mind when I think about Amsterdam. What also comes to mind is crazy, mad, loony, weird, bizarre, extreme, excessive, insane and fascinating. There’s no other city in the world that can accurately be compared to Amsterdam because there’s simply no […]