Prague Central Square at night

And the Goodbyes Begin

As I was leaving class yesterday, my professor was bidding farewell to us and said “Have a nice weekend everyone, and don’t forget, final presentations are due on Sunday- only three weeks left”. Three weeks… What?! I have pictures, memories and all kinds of souvenirs from the places […]

El Fin del Mundo

Mi aventura más recién era en La Tierra del Fuego, el punto más austral del mundo. Yo vi pingüinos, lobos del mar, cormoranes, montañas, el Canal Beagle, el parque nacional, y mucho más. Habían algunas diferencias entre la cultura de Ushuaia (la ciudad en que vivía por los […]


My Life As a Sevillana

It has officially been three months in Seville and I cannot believe how fast time has flown. Sadly, I am getting down to the point where I am counting down days rather than months before I return to the United States. While it will be great to return […]

The arooz wa areez

An Amman Update

Sorry about the lack of updates on life in Amman!  School and life in general have really started to pick up lately, and I’m finding it harder and harder to put into words what’s happening here.  I try my best to keep my personal blog updated regularly, but […]

Sahara Desert


The first time I got a glimpse of the shores of Africa, I was in tears. I assure you, though, that they were not happy tears. In fact, they were really, very, extremely distressed ones. As excited as I was to start my study abroad adventure, the previous […]