Manuel Antonio

Costa Rican Favorites

For this entry I would like to provide some of “my favorites” from Costa Rica! Favorite Food: gallo pinto and patacones (rice and beans and fried yucca.) Favorite Costa Rican Music Group: Malpais Favorite Dancing Spot: Jazz Café Favorite Volcano: Volcan Poas Favorite Juice (Refresco) Flavor: Mora Favorite […]

Leaving Sevilla

Hola Estudiantes! My time in Spain is coming to an end.  As I write this blog entry, I have exactly 5 days left in Spain.  On one hand, I am happy that I get the chance to go home.  I miss my family and friends very much.  I […]

When in Chile…

My time is almost up in Chile, but before I leave I wanted to share this list I compiled: Top Ten Things to Do/See While Studying in Central Chile: 10. Sign up for fun classes as well as the classes you need for credit back home. This semester […]

Barrios de Barcelona

Hola clases, En este blog quiero hablar un poco sobre los barrios de Barcelona. Hay muchos barrios en este ciudad, pero los más importantes son los que están en el centro de la ciudad. Estos barrios son los más antiguos y los más visitados y, por eso, son […]