When in Chile…

My time is almost up in Chile, but before I leave I wanted to share this list I compiled: Top Ten Things to Do/See While Studying in Central Chile: 10. Sign up for fun classes as well as the classes you need for credit back home. This semester […]

Barrios de Barcelona

Hola clases, En este blog quiero hablar un poco sobre los barrios de Barcelona. Hay muchos barrios en este ciudad, pero los más importantes son los que están en el centro de la ciudad. Estos barrios son los más antiguos y los más visitados y, por eso, son […]

Décembre?! Déjà?!

It is officially week ten! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! I have officially narrowed my experiences thus far in Paris into a Top Ten list! These are not in any particular order….that would be incredibly too difficult! Musée D’Orsay: This is officially my very favorite museum. I absolutely love […]

Unforgettable Romania

In the past three months I have traveled to seven different countries each with different languages, culture, and history. I can hardly believe I am down to the last ten days of my European adventure; it is definitely a bittersweet feeling to be waving goodbye to my life […]