Things My Host Sister Has Taught Me

One of the many wonderful things about studying abroad is the option to stay with a host family. I am lucky enough to be placed with a lovely family that includes my two host siblings:  Jorge and Irene. Like my biological siblings, my host brother and sister are […]

Prague from above

The Ped-Streets of Prague

Something that I have been taking advantage of on this trip is the pedestrian friendly city of Prague. I’ve been trying to go on a walk every day, plus in addition to trying to burn the beer, potato pancake and sausage calories off I have the luxury of […]

Las dificultades y desafios de la vida en B.A.

¡¡Hola chicos!! Ustedes saben que estoy en Argentina, pero creo que no entienden las dificultades de vivir en otro país. Vamos a ver algunos ejemplos: Primero, la lengua acá en Argentina tiene un dialecto muy diferente de todos los otros países hispanohablantes, incluyendo mucho lunfardo. Algunas veces es […]