Some Slight Miscalculations

It’s usually not a good idea to make assumptions about life in another country. Even simple assumptions like assuming that someone understands how long an inch or a foot is. (Because most people outside the USA use the metric system, they don’t have any idea what the length […]

Hello Spanish 3!

My name is Megan Jones and I graduated from Mentor High in 2007. I go to Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Ohio and am a junior Economics and Spanish double major. I’m spending Spring 2010 semester in Sevilla, Spain and attending the University of Sevilla. I live with a […]


Religion is typically a touchy subject in America, and it should be treated carefully. One theme I would like to include in my blog posts is the idea of place making, that at any place there are many process happening at one time contemporaneously, that is at the […]