¡Hola a todos!

My name is Phillip Antoline. I am a junior at Grove City College majoring in International Business and Spanish. Grove City is a very small school located in Western Pennsylvania, and with the help of ISA, it has provided me with an opportunity to study in Sevilla Spain […]

American School System

Two perks of studying abroad are gaining experience about a new country, from the same point of view; and gaining a new perspective on your home university. What has my past 6 months taught me about the American University System, a lot to very. Talking with students from […]

Musings on the European economy

Production in France is spread among different sectors, but is centralized in Paris. France’s agro-alementaire economy is Europe’s leading producer of produce, and produces products that are know through out the world, including world famous cheeses and wines. Paris is the world’s most visited city, and Lyon is […]

Meet Me!

Hey class! I am Erica, Julia´s sister and am currently studying in Madrid, Spain. I was born and basically raised in New York but graduated high school in Arizona and attend college at Arizona State. I am in my third year there studying Business Communications, International Business, and […]