New Ways of Communication

A couple of days ago I was talking with a Spanish friend of mine.  As she turned to walk away she yelled back, “¡Hasta luego, tía!” Huh?  I was confused.  At that moment, I was thinking, “I’m not your aunt.”  However, little did I know tía does not […]

One Month In…

I have been in Belfast for a month now!! Part of me can’t believe I have already been here for that long, while the other part of me feels as if I have been here forever; I have done so much and yet I still have so much […]


New Concepts of Self

Looking back on a five-month journey living in a foreign land is nothing to ponder lightly. I feel there is a multitude of areas of the life I lived abroad in need of being addressed, each aspect deserving individual attention. Comparing my more traditional days now to the […]

My London Experience

Hello Again everyone!! I have adopted London as my temporary home. The feeling of anxiety that I had experience when I first got here has faded away!  I have become familiar with the tube system and its 11 lines, the rail system and the different bus routes that […]