Snow in Jordan!

The last few days have been a smorgasbord of crazy weather.  Starting Wednesday morning, while I was waiting for the school bus in the rain.  When it rains in Amman, it’s not so much that it pours as that it floods.  The streets turn into rivers, the potholes turn into […]

Feels Like Home

Ahoj again! I have been here a month and part of me can’t believe how fast time is going by and the other feels like I have been here forever. Prague makes me feel at home, all the nerves are gone but I still seem to wake up […]

Discovering Cultural Differences

One of the great things about studying abroad in Spain is that it opens the door for travel! While I enjoy my day to day time exploring Salamanca, I have had the opportunity to get this side of the world a little better, too. Recently, I took a […]