Political Voice

Where does the political voice originate in Paris; demonstrations, cafés, news papers are politically active, does society, or individuals decide rationality? It is a question that requires a debate so after critically examining both sides I will decide for myself. Society decides the rationality a political-voice will carry […]

Getting Around in Brussels

Hey everyone, I’ve been in Brussels (or en Francais, c’est Bruxelles) for about week and a half now! Brussels is a very economical city. In Arkansas, we tend to look down on the tiny cars from our big SUVs and trucks, but in Belgium the tinier the car, […]

Basic English Grammar

I apologize to my readers, after reading my blog posts I would think one of two things about me. 1- I do not have regard for the rules of Basic English grammar or 2- I write too fast. If you thought the later, you are kind, and you […]