So far… So weird

Hello everyone back home and Professor Matthews’s students, I was expecting to post my first blog in October for you but so much has happened within the first week of living in Jordan that I had to post a blog before all the juicy details escaped my memory. […]

Adventures in Prague

Greetings from Praha! I am finally starting to get on regular schedule with school. With Wednesdays and Fridays off I have plenty of time to discover the city and travel on the weekends! I definitely can’t complain about that. The courses I am taking are History of Jewish […]

Paris in 3…2…1

Disclaimer: Forgive me in advance if I’m rambling during this post. I’m currently at the airport returning from another trip running on no sleep. I’m flying out to Paris this Saturday. It might be awhile before I can fight off jet lag and form coherent thoughts =P So, […]

Introduction from Madrid!

Hola estudiantes de St. Patrick School! My name is Tori Shover and I am a 2005 graduate of your school! Now, I am 20 years old and studying to be an elementary school teacher at Georgetown College, in Kentucky. I am also studying Spanish, which is why at […]