Universidad de Sevilla y Lisboa

¡Hola a todos! So far, I have been in Sevilla for three weeks, and I cannot even begin to imagine where to start. There are so many minute details I would love to share with each of you, but for now, I will stick with the best stuff. […]


¡Ay caramba, qué noche!Anoche mis amigos y yo decidimos ir a Cádiz para participar en una de las celebraciones más conocido en todo España, el Carnaval.Es una celebración muy divertida donde toda la gente está disfrazada y se pasa la noche disfrutándose por bailando, cantando, y viendo los […]

Questions and Carnival

Hey everyone, Sorry that I am just now getting to answer some of your questions.Last Monday there was a horrible train wreck here, and the trains didn’t run regularly for a while.I spent around 8-10 hours last Tuesday trying to get to and from the mardi gras carnival […]

Un Voyage Avec Mes Amis

A large part of the study abroad experience, for many, is traveling. Yes, this was initially achieved after I flew from DC to Paris, but that wasn’t the end of my travels. Many people study in one country and find ways to travel and visit other places. Europe […]

Drinking Water

My study abroad advisers said I could drink the tap water, and I did, but dam it should I have! Luckily, it is filtered, and I’ve had my meningitis shot. It has a taste, and it is actually pretty good, I like tasty water like drinking Evian out […]