Moulay Ismail University

An A for Effort

“The presentations need to be 5, 10 or 15 minutes long.” “…What? Are there any other requirements?” “No.” If I said every class in Morocco was great, I’d be lying. It’s not that I’m not learning. Oh no, that’s not the case at all. In the last month, […]

Get Lost on Purpose

Imagine you were going to live in a country for three months and you knew only three words in their language. For me it was ahoj (hello), ano (yes), and ne (no). I had multiple emotions running through my head as I boarded the plane. But I promised […]

Girls Rule!

Well, hello there! I enjoyed reading your responses and learning that there sure are some travelers in the group! I’ll definitely have to do some traveling to New Mexico and California once I return to the states. This weekend I traveled to Sevilla, Spain with my study abroad […]

A view of Amman, Jordan

My First Week in Amman

A week ago I was waking up at an ungodly hour to drag my fifty pound suitcase through the deserted cobblestone streets of Florence, and after a train, bus, and plane I finally landed in Amman, the city that will be my home for the next few months. […]

Fabulously Belfast

First week in Belfast done, 18 weeks remaining! I am currently studying abroad at Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and loving it!! One of my closest friends, Elise, is sharing this experience with me, which makes it all the more exciting! Our first attempt to leave home […]