Intellectual Culture

This blog post is about two intellectual cultures that existed in France roughly after world war two. Intellectual cultures are social orders that allow members to grow by accepting common symbols. Like the worlds cultivate, a relative, intellectual cultures develop like-minded thinkers and bring people together united by a common concept.

Pre-Holiday Blues

Just a day after my first French beat-down, I suffered another moral defeat. The babysitting went well and the girls’ grandparents gave me another snack. There was even a surprise waiting for me in the office in the form of a package (thanks Athena). This was shaping up […]

Late Christmas Rush

There were plenty of stores open late for Christmas shoppers searching for that perfect, last minute gift – or those scrambling to get that life saving gift card for their special people. The streets were decorated with beautifully colored lights, dangling above the roads below. The sidewalks and […]

Raise the Bar: Music Venues in Paris

It’s an awesome music venue. It’s famous throughout Paris. Talented acts play there all the time. I’m talking about la Flèche d’Or, a popular bar well known for the bands and musicians playing their hearts out deep into the Parisian night. Hidden in the 20eme arrondisement, this bar […]