The launch of Google buzz makes today a prime day to write about technology in Paris, and how it could be similar to technology in other cities around the world. Historically rural would mean someone who lived in the country, separated by distance, from the connectivity of the […]


Visited the Louvre Museum tonight with Michelle, this was the third time we visited the Museum and it was a charm. Other visits, we came from above ground but this time we arrived under group, which added to the ambience of a unique visit. Tonight, we also broke […]

La Alhambra

Pues, por fin mis vacaciones han terminado y las clases han empezado….¡Qué lástima! Sin embargo, después de unas vacaciones tan largas, me encuentro lista y tengo ganas para empezar los estudios.Mis clases van a ser un poco difícil para mí porque mis profesores hablan muy rápido y tienen […]