Summer 2015

IMG_3538Silver Bota
Saint Vincent College
Paris, France
I am originally from Los Angeles, California. I studied twelve years in an immersion school where I learned French and studied Spanish. I’ve been interested in the French culture for almost my entire academic career and wanted to pursue it in France. I try to be as creative as possible. During my free time I like to draw, color, and take photos of my surroundings and the individuals around me.

FullSizeRenderJayne Camerino
University of Pittsburgh
Valencia, Spain
I am studying abroad because I love all types of culture, traveling, experiencing different cuisine, absorbing other languages, etc… I decided to pick Spain after extensive research because not only was the culture interesting, but the geography struck me as well. Spain is such a beautiful country with oceans, mountains, museums, traditions, landmarks, and more and I want to experience it ALL. I love to learn and I want to learn the Spanish culture more than anything! I think my passion for learning something new is what makes me unique. I have this deep desire to travel and experience new things as I was born and raised in NJ and I am ready to spread my wings. I also have an appreciation for the little things in life. I have an eye for noticing every detail and love to take it in, which I think a lot of people in my generation lack because of smart phones and other mindless technology.

IMG_6683Sarah Eissler
Penn State University
Florianopolis, Brazil
I have a very extensive travel and foreign language background, having been to over 25 countries and language experience with French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Chinese. I am a graduate student working heavily with cocoa and coffee farmers and aim to strengthen my Portuguese language skills this summer to communicate better with Brazilian farmers in my work. While abroad, I´m going to explore Floripa and all it has to offer, learn Portuguese, make great friends and be as adventurous as possible. My favorite hobbies include running, hiking, surfing, photo walks, trying new foods and biking.

Cindy HaCindy Ha
UC Irvine
Paris, France
I have been learning about French culture and taking French for two years now, so it’s an amazing opportunity to get to experience it first hand instead of reading about it books. I am most interested in French impressionist art, so getting to visit the Musee d’Orsay is the experience I am looking forward to most.

IMG_4790Regan Kirsch
Indiana University
Paris, France
I grew up with a very artistic family. I found my creativity was shown through photography. I’m majoring in neuroscience going into the medical field. Studying art abroad has always been a dream of mine. I try to find beauty in everything and am just an all-around happy person. I enjoy reading, netflix, photography and drawing, and running. I want this summer to broaden my worldly views and also allow me to better understand the French culture. I also wish to finally become fluent in French and improve my photography skills!

1920345_10154637589645531_1250253820507634328_nRachel Klausner
Arizona State University
Barcelona, Spain
Studying in a foreign country has always been a dream of mine, one that seemed distant and potentially unachievable. It is with great pride that I can say this comic, singer, philosophy major is headed to beautiful Barcelona to master her knowledge of the Spanish language in an area dominated by the Catalan language.
I am woefully terrified yet beyond excited to experience everything Barcelona has to offer. Most specifically the fattening food. Oh, and the beautiful-beachgoing-cultured-wine-wasted-siesta-taking society that is Barcelona. (Do the hyphens make it one word?)

DSC_0442Sarah Klein
Grove City College
Mumbai, India
Growing up in a large military family, I’ve never been what you might call shy. Before coming to college I had several opportunities to travel, and knew that was something I wanted to continue. I hope to deeply experience a culture that is radically different than my home. I seek to learn, to grow, to be changed. I am an adventurer always leaping at any opportunity to experience something new. As far as skills and talents go I would claim an exemplary sense of direction, as well as avid photo/videography inclinations.

IMG_1623Ariana Palmer
Rider University
Malaga, Spain
I am entering my junior year at Rider University, where I followed my mother’s footsteps. I plan to enter the sporting industry and want to be able to use my Spanish to diversify myself. I am a varsity swimmer at my university, so going a semester abroad was not an option. The summer is the perfect timing and I have always wanted to travel to Spain since I took Spanish classes in high school. I hope to use my experience to learn the culture and language of the Spanish people as well as make many new friends from around the world.

Charles Rusch
Manhattanville College
Buenos Aires, Argentina
I’m going to be a junior in college and I decided to study abroad in an attempt to master the Spanish language. My family comes from Argentina and I feel that this is a way for me to learn my culture. I am also very interested in adapting to life in another country. I would consider myself I am very diverse in my interests. I am interested in real estate and architecture, international business, sports, fishing and going for walks throughout unexplored areas. I feel that this will give me a great opportunity to collect a wide variety of photos as I am going to a Boca Juniors game, exploring the city of Buenos Aires and even exploring onto Uruguay. I hope to collect high quality photos to share my experience with everyone.

11233572_10206456883718264_7944578158792067000_oLaura Vergara
Nova Southeastern University
London, England
I grew up in Colombia – a beautiful third world country- and moved to the United States in my teen years. I have been able to have the best of both worlds and submerge my views in cultures that portray very different sides, which have given me a unique perspective of the world. I see the world with very grateful eyes, as I know the importance of sharing every moment. Thus, I love experiencing the world and capturing each moment with a picture that I can keep forever. I also enjoy cooking, learning new languages and reading about history.

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