Fall 2015

P7070149Antonio Arruza
Florida Gulf Coast University
Townsville, Australia
My name is Antonio Arruza but i go by Aidan. My dad was born in Cuba and came here when he was a kid. He is now a renown photographer and i can only try to follow in his footsteps. It is my goal to learn more about myself on this opportunity of a lifetime where i will also further my career in marine biology. I am a kid at heart, aren’t we all, and I love any sport with a board. I feel a deep love for music inside me which I mostly got from my mom. Finally some talents and skills i have include; surfing, skating, slack-lining, scuba diving, and swimming.

10450548_10204986688454793_543028208971169176_n (1)Luca Azzara
Montclair State University
Amman, Jordan
I have always had a knack for languages. So much so, I decided to pursue Arabic throughout my college career. Shortly after having completed an introductory course, I fell in love with the language. My passion for Arabic has surely influenced my decision to study abroad in Jordan; with hopes of developing my communicational skills and cultural understanding. Throughout my time abroad, I intend to form connections with fellow peers, embrace Jordanian and Middle-Eastern culture, and strengthen my Arabic. I plan on photo-blogging my entire trip, depicting beautiful landscapes and Jordanian terrains. I love taking pictures and experiencing new opportunities.

ISA blog shot1Stephanie Barnaba
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Cusco, Peru
From an early age, I have loved the Spanish language, and always dreamt of becoming fluent. Now that I have a Spanish minor in college, a study abroad and immersion experience in Peru is an amazing opportunity for me, and will help me to improve my language skills immensely. I hope to make new friends, local and international, and immerse myself completely to gain a new appreciation for Peruvian culture while in Cusco. I have been practicing kung fu since I was in 9th grade, which is my favorite hobby in addition to playing the piano, and reading thriller novels.

IMG_1874Kristina Bjorksten
UC San Diego
Lima, Peru
Latin America to me is leaving the familiar and embracing the unknown. My adventurous Finnish family has landed me in all kinds of places speaking several languages, but never in a place like Peru or speaking Spanish. I chose to come to Lima to experience life in this area of the world, learn about its rich history and culture, and to speak Spanish. I love new experiences, trying new food food, running, and of course taking pictures.


11750692_10203434345373121_84591387781035858_nColby Bjornsen
University of Denver
Prague, Czech Republic
Hello! My name is Colby Bjornsen and I’m from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I’m a junior at the University of Denver. I always knew I wanted to study abroad. In fact, it’s one of the reasons I choose to go to DU, the “number 1 study abroad school in the nation.” My passion for travel combined with my love of photography make me an enthusiastic photo blogger. I love traveling to new places, soaking up local scenery, and taking in the varied natural landscapes. One reason I chose to study at Charles University in Prague is because of its prime location in Eastern Europe. I intend to travel earnestly this semester taking in as much of Europe as I can!

RachaelDowdRachael Dowd
Seattle University
London, England
I have been working as a music photographer for multiple publications over the past five years and it has always been a passion of mine. While I am abroad, I really want to explore the different culture London has to offer and document it all with my camera. I have an eye for capturing moments and people that I believe should be shared with the world and captured forever. This is my first time going to Europe so I am eager to be exposed to so many different things.

255224_459367734082133_527121623_nTaylor Drake
Endicott College
Gold Coast, Australia
I love to travel, so studying abroad to me has always been a priority when I was looking into colleges. As a photography major, I have a lot of passion for taking photos, especially of action sports and exciting new places. My dream is to be a surf photographer and I figured that Australia would be the perfect place to get started in making that a reality. I want to explore as much of that corner of the world as possible while I’m there because I know opportunities to go back might be limited.


DSC_1538Cristina Law
Kansas State University
Salamanca, Spain
Originally from Houston, TX, I’ve been exposed to a melting pot of cultures and enjoy smiling at new faces. I’m studying abroad to rediscover my long lost spanish heritage and learn spanish again. I can only hope that being abroad will bring many new adventures, but I’m not setting expectations because I’m more fond of surprises. I have a optimistic personality that won’t judge the person in front of me, but would really like to hear each person’s life story. I’ve been into photography since I was a Junior in high school and took photos for the high school’s photojournalist club. I have my own Nikon D3100 that I take most of my shots on, but occasionally you’ll see me use my iPhone. On top of all of that, I am an avid foodie, runner, hiker, swimmer, and explorer.

10551596_10203411709825728_7596271615076585432_oSamantha Manning
University of Northwestern – St. Paul
Bangkok, Thailand
I knew that I wanted to study abroad even before I knew what college I would attend here in the states. I chose Thailand because I want to experience something completely different from what I know. I want to discover a new culture and live with people who are different from me. The world is full of beauty, and I get to see more of it by studying abroad. I am an adventurous person. In Thailand, I’m looking forward to hiking, riding elephants, trying interesting food, hearing new music, and taking classes taught from a different perspective.

10390095_10205806819583190_6258810533125956029_nMallory McFarlin
Georgia State University
Valencia, Spain
I’ve always been drawn to the idea of immersing myself in different cultures, and since some of my family is from Spain, I couldn’t think of a better place to start! I’m very adventurous, open minded and curious to see what the world has in store for me. I love to play around with photography on the side, as it is one of my minors, so this would be a great opportunity!


image-2Kirra McGowin
University of Colorado Boulder
Valparaiso, Chile
I am from a small town on Long Island called Sag Harbor and I attend CU Boulder. I love reading, exploring and taking pictures in my free time. I am studying abroad this semester because I really want to improve my Spanish further and see what this beautiful continent has to offer. I have been traveling all my life and I can’t get enough. Taking pictures and making videos of my adventures are my favorite things to do. I also play field hockey in my free time and am apart of the CU team.

10455701_854359511265154_5164961690070944161_nMadeleine Meredith
University of Denver
Buenos Aires, Argentina
When I was two years old, my aunt left me with a full bucket of just-picked strawberries. My mom warned her about my sweet tooth, but my aunt figured there was no way I could polish off multiple pounds of ripe berries. She came back to an empty pail and a smiling face. I’d like to think not much has changed since then. Although I’ve grown up, I still approach life with a voracious appetite. I live for belly-aching laughs, late-night adventures, and pranks. I’ve been bit hard by the travel bug, and I’m thrilled to get to travel again.

MorfeHeadshotMorgan Morfe
Union University
London, England
One of my favorite novels is ‘A Little Princess’ by Frances Hodges Burnett. The story follows a young girl named Sara who lives in a boarding house in London while her father is away at war. My mother read me this book when I was five years old and since then, I have dreamed of living and studying in London. Today, I am a recipient of the Gates Millennium Scholarship, which pays for education through a PhD to any college in America and all study abroad opportunities; this scholarship has made my dream of studying in London a reality.

image1Glory Nix
University of Tampa
Paris, France





Chad Phillips Photo 2Chad Phillips
Baker University
London, England
I am going into my junior year and recently applied for dental school this summer. Because of my active involvement on campus as a member of the golf team, my fraternity’s vice president and the photo-editor of the student newspaper, it was a tough decision for me to spend a semester abroad. However, I realized that I cannot pass up the opportunity to grow as an individual and broaden my horizons. My most unique skill is my eye for photography, as I have excelled in competitions at the state, regional and national level throughout high school and college.

Nicole Renard-59Nicole Renard
Chapman University
Wellington, New Zealand
I’m the first in my family to study abroad. I have a thirst for adventure and love traveling. I want to see the world and capture it’s beauty on my camera. While I’m in New Zealand, I want to learn about myself as well as the Maori culture and New Zealand people. I hope to explore both islands and go on many hikes with the friends I make. I am hardworking and passionate about everything I do. These qualities make me unique because if I start something, I will focus on it and give 100% until it’s completed.

IMG_2552Katherine Slatten
Rhodes College
Florence, Italy
I’ve always loved traveling and exploring new places. Specifically, I fell in love with Florence when I visited the summer before college. Through studying abroad, I’m excited to broaden my horizons, be exposed to multiple different cultures, try new things, make new friends, learn more about myself, and share my experiences with others. Some of my hobbies include singing, attending concerts, and volunteering with the homeless as well as veterans.


imageOriana Swiatkowski
Colorado State University
Cape Town, South Africa
My name is Oriana Swiatkowski, and I was born and raised in Colorado. I am from a 5,000 person town in eastern Colorado called Burlington. I graduated and instantly moved up to the front range to attend Colorado State University. I am a business major with a concentration of Marketing. My hobbies include photography, videography, snowboarding, backpacking, and just enjoying anything outdoors. I chose to study abroad in Cape Town because I wanted the demographics of the ocean, mountains, and city life. You don’t come across all three of those in one place often. I have never traveled before this is my first time living in a different country. I want to return to the states with life experience, long lasting friendships, and memories I will be able to take with me for the rest of my life.

meKaylin Worthington
Colorado State University
Malaga, Spain
I am studying in Spain this semester because I want to increase my knowledge of the Spanish language as well as the Spanish culture. I am an International Studies Major with minors in Spanish, French, and linguistics and culture, and I believe this will be a good experience for me. I hope to make lots of friends and connections, and experience some amazing things. I love to figure skate, horse back ride, and I travel a bit with my family. I play cello and dabble in some other instruments, and I love the life that’s been given to me.

11823145_10153432044641083_8825533663094578453_oLindsay Yelas
Florida Atlantic University
Sydney, Australia
My middle name, Ka’iulani, exists as a traditional Hawiian name in the eyes of the relative indigenous people of Hawaii. It exists to me as my most cherished relation to my place of birth, the primitive location of life in which i spent a magical seven years, crunching on parched seaweed and gazing into the sapphire Waikiki coast.My family spent the next 12 years in Tyler, Texas. I learned to say my Yes Ma’ams and after graduation was back getting lost among the palm trees of Boca Raton, FL. I am a lover of feeling the rain and not just getting wet- so to speak. i I am keen for road running, filling my sense with nature, snapping pictures, writing, and art.