Spring 2015

photo (1)Lisa Boyd-Physic
Lasell College
Florianopolis, Brazil
Going into college, I already knew I wanted to study abroad. I chose Brazil partly because I’ve always wanted to travel there, and also because the courses aligned with my major and minor perfectly. I’ve been sheltered most of my life, and I think that Brazil is the perfect opportunity for me to grow in a way I would never be able to at home. I can’t wait to experience the culture, and learn a new way of living. I always find it hard to describe myself when asked, but I think I’m a very open-minded and curious person. People usually consider me an optimist and empathetic person, and I’m very proud of that. I love to laugh, paint/sketch, perform poetry, and of course, take pictures.

SONY DSCJesse Coon
California Lutheran University
Newcastle, Australia
Ever since I was a wee youngin’ I’ve had a desire to travel and see this world I am fortunate enough to have been given life in. My family took vacations all over the United States while I was very young and helped me shape a very active lifestyle. I’m very outgoing and am happiest when I am exploring and meeting new people. I get along with everybody because I appreciate peoples differences. Now in college I have made the decision to study abroad in Newcastle Australia. I hope to expand my knowledge of the world through the experiences I will have and the relationships I will build. Photography has always been a hobbie of mine and what better way to share my experience abroad than to submit and display pictures of these experiences. I also enjoy trying new things, even if they don’t sound particularly appealing at first.

DSC00204Jennifer Lent
Skidmore College
Seoul, South Korea
While in Korea, my main goals are to master the language and learn a lot about the culture. I became interested in South Korea’s pop culture in middle school. Since then, I have immersed myself in Korea’s music and television programs and have been learning Korean for the past four semesters. I believe I will be able to show others a unique view of Korea. Although I want to go to the usual tourist sites like Namsan Tower, I also want to go other, more unusual places like Kpop concerts and uncommon stores and cafes.

IMG_3433Koby McInnis
Carroll College
Heredia, Costa Rica
I hope to learn and experience new cultures as well as to become fluent in Spanish. I am unique because I am creative, positive, and I don’t let anything stop me from reaching my potential. I my special hobbies include nature photography, reading, writing, drawing, and a large variety of outdoor activities. I can organize events, I have a decent understanding of politics, and I enjoy being outside. I am a very optimistic person who loves to experience the beauty that the world has to offer us.

IMG_7387Allie Menzel
Towson University
Cape Town, South Africa
I’m studying abroad this semester to step outside of my comfort zone and experience something totally new and different. I want to live in a new place, see and learn new things, meet different people, and gain a better understanding of the world. I am traveling with my best friend, Sam, who was born and raised in Zimbabwe, Africa until she was 8. After I decided to study abroad in Africa, there was no way she could let me go back to her ‘home’ alone!! ;)
Something that makes me unique is that I am a triathlete and will be competing in nationals upon arriving back in the states! I hope to participate in a triathlon or marathon while abroad as well!

IMG_9785Cahner Olson
University of Nebraska- Lincoln
Paris, France
I have a strong love for traveling and hope to incorporate it into my career when I get older. I have previously traveled to Greece for a study abroad program and England for pleasure. I decided to study in France because I am a French minor, and I decided o Paris specifically because I love the business of big city life. I love exploring new places, being involved, and meeting new people. At my home university, I work for my school newspaper and am a member of Swim Club, ACES, Navigators Youth Group, and Photo Club.

SONY DSCMaggie Reade
University of South Carolina
Sevilla, Spain
I first traveled abroad at the age of 12 to Ecuador and immediately knew that I wanted to learn and experience foreign cultures. I fell in love with learning about the different ways people live and began to see a world outside of my small, southern hometown. Throughout college, I have continued to follow my passions by volunteering in Ecuador the summer after my freshman year and working on my photography skills. I chose to study abroad in Sevilla because of the cultural experience it offered and look forward to catching a glimpse of the Sevillian lifestyle.

Alyphipps5Alyssa Silver
University of Pittsburgh
Cusco, Peru
Next semester (Spring, 2015) is my last semester of undergraduate college! I chose to study abroad now because most of my required coursework has been completed and what better way to complete an undergraduate degree by studying abroad! Since travel is one of my passions, this trip will satisfy me and prepare me for the job search, which comes ahead. I’m pretty different because I am a web designer and I love all things pixels, so photography has always come naturally to me.

IMG_7557Samantha Smith
The Ohio state University
Madrid, Spain
I’m originally from Buffalo, NY (the city of snow) and am a junior at THE Ohio State University. I’m excited to start blogging because it’s an essential skill for my major and Public Relations aspirations. I’m over the moon about my trip to Madrid because I’ve been studying Spanish for over 8 years now and I’m hoping to solidify my skills and become fluent. I was a nationally ranked dancer, so I’m sure I’ll be dancing my way through Europe, along with taking pictures, testing as much food as possible and writing about it all in my new blog.

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0483.Aleina Tanabe
Regis University
Bangkok, Thailand
I grew up in Hawaii on the island of Oahu and attend college at Regis University in Denver, Colorado. I am an experienced traveler but had never been to Southeast Asia before studying abroad. I wanted to go to Thailand because I think it is rather underrated in comparison to places like Spain and Italy. I am biracial, half Japanese and half Caucasian, which makes me unique and at times racially ambiguous. I love people and learning about new cultures!

blog photoJordan Taylor
University of New Haven
Gold Coast, Australia
I’ve been a big traveler ever since I was younger and it has always been my passion. When I was 13 I traveled as a student ambassador with People to People and went to 6 different countries in Europe without even knowing anyone on my trip. That was what inspired me to continue traveling and I’ve been going to different places every summer with teen travel groups. It’s always been my dream to visit Australia and this trip was the perfect opportunity for my to follow my dream. I hope to meet some local Australians and learn their way of life while abroad. I also hope to become more independent and develop some leadership qualities. I can’t wait for the extreme sports such as skydiving, bungee jumping, and surfing. Overall I think this will be a trip of a lifetime and something I will never forget.

imageCaroline Westberg
University of South Carolina
Brussels, Belgium
I have a curious, child-like, and wandering soul. I have always craved exploring the unknown and have sought ways to broaden my horizons, challenge my perspectives, and deepen my understanding of the world around me. This sense of adventure and thirst for new experiences has driven me to study abroad in Brussels, an international hub painted with cultural diversity and an ideal location for traveling to other destinations throughout Europe. I love painting, photography, hiking, and learning people’s stories. I hope to fully immerse myself, experience the city as the locals do, and capture it all along the way.

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