Fall 2014

IMG_8244Hollie Baker
Bowling Green State University
Meknes, Morocco
I am an outgoing adventurer and I am full of life! Growing up I always felt the need to explore, try new things and see new places. For years I’ve lived by a personal motto: “the world is too small to not see it all.” I feel like I have waited my whole life to travel to another country. I’m ecstatic to meet friends, eat food and see what the locals are up to. Immersing myself into uncomfortable situations is kind of a hobby for me; I enjoy seeing life from new perspectives. I love life, hula hooping and dancing!

photoErika Bojarczuk
Castleton State College
Cape Town, South Africa
I am a Global Studies major and hope to work in international development in the future. This term I will be working hard to learn as much Xhosa as I possibly can. In addition to photography, I love Theatre, and I love to travel. This is my second semester abroad. My first was in London. I am looking forward to falling in love with Cape Town and I can not wait to call it home.

IMG_1324Daniel Colón
Norwich University
Heredia, Costa Rica
I chose Costa Rica for my love for Latin America. I have friends in Nicaragua and use to sponsor a child in Managua, Nicaragua. I love tropical weather and rock climbing, so Costa Rica just seemed perfect. I am also a martial arts instructor in the U.S. and will be taking a Taekwondo class in the fall. That was a huge selling factor for me picking this program. I’m huge on outdoors, sports and trying anything at least once, especially food. I eat anything and will try any food, no matter what.


10537163_832809720062899_6243964186917966767_nChloe Conn
Berea College
Sydney, Australia
I plan to use this semester to explore the city and completely immerse myself in the Australian culture. My favorite hobbies are photography, exploring new places, hiking and camping. What makes me stand out from other photographers is my unique and creative style. I have been doing photography my whole life and I am the head photographer for my college. I have had professional experience through my college and I am even taking a photography course at the university of Sydney. I am really passionate about my photography and during my time at University of Sydney I plan to launch my own portfolio website that will also include my personal blog.

meChristian Dale
Michigan Technological University
Gold Coast, Australia
My name is Christian Dale and I am a Chemical Engineering student at Michigan Technological University. I love to travel and have had the opportunity to do so several times. I plan to study abroad in Australia this Fall of 2014. This will be the first time I will get to fully immerse myself in another culture for an extended period of time and I hope to learn about their culture as well as international business which is what my classes in Australia are geared towards. Aside from engineering am an avid photographer, scuba diver and a bit of an audiophile. I have a bit of experience and interest in professional lighting for venues and concerts. I love leadership and have lead many projects such as my Eagle Scout project, VEX robotics and Chem-E-Car. I am an active officer in Michigan Tech’s chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) and the Aquanauts Scuba Diving club. I am also in an internship program with Universal Oil Products (UOP). I interned last summer and have returned to intern again this summer.

IMG_1747Morgan Epperson
University of South Carolina
Paris, France
I am from Chicago, Illinois and grew up traveling. My mom formerly worked for United Airlines and that is what started my travel obsession. I have traveled to Paris 3 times now and this will be my 4th! I hope to to find my niche in the city and immerse myself in my new home. I have been a photographer since I was 14 and working professionally at 15. I think my photos from my various travels abroad make me unique and I will be able to capture Paris and abroad beyond the tourist areas and sights.


248998_10201864248189718_863356619_nRachel Erdenberger
The College Of New Jersey
Prague, Czech Republic
I have a thirst for adventure and the unknown. I have learned from my many travels that there is so much to see and learn in this world. What makes me unique is that no matter how many countries and cities I’ve explored, I am always hungry to see more and find beauty in each place. My special hobbies are photography, makeup, fitness, and learning languages. I hope to travel to many places and gain new skills and knowledge during my time abroad in Prague and any other city that I find myself visiting.

DSC_0147Anna Holcomb
University of Denver
Valparaiso/Vina del Mar, Chile
I will be studying abroad because I think that the experience is invaluable and a necessity for students who wish to have a greater understanding of other cultures. I’m a bit goofy and I love adventure. I’ve had a passion for photography since my freshman year of high school even though sharing photographs can be extremely personal for me. I hope to be immersed in a different culture and learn more about myself. I believe travel is the best way to discover the type of person that you want to become and I look forward to the challenges and adventures.

photoSarah Johnson
University of Denver
Madrid, Spain
I am studying abroad this semester to re-visit the area that I studied abroad in high school. I fell in love with the city of Madrid. The people, the art, the artictecturhe – there is nothing not to love. I want to be able to have a completely different experience than the first – going to a spanish high school for the year and completely connecting with only Spaniards- to getting to know more international students who share the love for travel like I do. I am a very gifted athlete and love to explore. My favorite ways of expression are through creative means be that photography, painting, jewelry making or other crafts. I also have a gift of expression through my writing and writing about issues that matter to me.

MeCassandra Kennedy
Doane College
Reading, England
I purposefully chose a college that would support me studying abroad because I knew how important it would be for my education. I recognized the importance of travel as a way to become a more informed and better person. As a journalism major, I was introduced to photojournalism my freshman year and have taken on ‘photography’ as a hobby ever since. I take pictures for the newspaper, website, and for the marketing department for my college. I also work for the radio station, hosting my own show and producing a Czech radio show for the Czech members of Crete, Nebraska.

KingCourtney_PortraitCourtney King
University of Oregon
Florence, Italy
Growing up my family always embraced culture, whether we were eating exotic cuisine, or traveling outside of our much too familiar borders. It is because of this that studying abroad this coming fall wasn’t even a question in my mind, but rather an immediate yes. I am excited to meet new people, experience living in a foreign country away from my family, and truly having the opportunity to learn about myself. I think what makes me unique is that I am always willing to try new things—continuously embracing opportunities. My hobbies include hiking, cooking, photography, and cycling.

IMG_4429Kaitlyn Klister
Iowa State University
Brussels, Belgium
Growing up my fathers job took my family many places including Vancouver, Canada and Paris, France. Living in Paris influenced me to study abroad in another French speaking country, thus why I chose Belgium. I hope to improve my French and experience the beautiful city of Brussels as well as take excersions around Europe. I believe I am unique because of my photography hobby. It is still a new hobby but it is certainly fast developing.

photoAlexandria Lebo
Concordia College – New York
Glasgow, Scotland
I was homeschooled for most of my academic career. Because school was always packable, I have done homework in seven different countries, and many states. Intertwining travel with learning has always been a rich and beautiful hands-on experience. I hope to put my hands on the greenery of Scotland and pull from it inspiration for exceptional poetry and prose. I am a Jane-of-all-trades who crochets, plays six instruments, and has written well over 1,000 poetical pieces.



279135_1833365726108_4391374_oMcKenna McVicker
Chapman Univeristy
Newcastle, Australia
I’m from a very small town in Maple Valley and decided to make the move to Orange, California for college to get out of my comfort zone. Because I have lived down in California for four semesters, it has become my new comfort zone and I’m looking to challenge myself again which is why I am studying abroad this semester. A unique hobby that I have is that I have been dancing for 17 years. It has been a huge commitment, but dance is one of my true passions in life. I have taken classes in ballet, jazz, modern, ballroom, and hip-hop.

MediumLisa O’Brien
University of California, Los Angeles
Granada, Spain
I have never independently traveled outside the country. Going abroad is my time to learn about myself, challenge my beliefs and absorb new ways of thinking and living. It’s an adventure with a fresh look at a culture I want to be immersed in. I spent five years on the other side of the camera as a fashion model, which sparked my passion for photography. Photography it is an expression of the mind, creatively capturing ideas or experiences in a tangible frame. I continue practicing by photographing philanthropy events and friends. Abroad, I will document my memory and personal interactions, showing how I’m experiencing the world around me.

10006507_10152382946985681_6605576106484064402_nKeeley O’Connor
Rollins College
Rome, Italy
My name is Keeley O’Connor and I was born and raised in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Since my first semester in college I knew that I wanted to study abroad but it never seemed to work out or it was not the right time for me until now, my senior year and I could not be more exited about living and studying in Rome. I love to travel and meet new people and new places, I like to describe myself with the term wanderlust. I hope that during my time abroad I am able to learn italian and see all of Rome, and travel within Italy, and Europe. I believe that something that makes me unique is the way I see the world, I have been living in a third world country my entire life so I see things very differently. Since I was little I have always taken pictures of things that people would say “thats why you are an artist you see beauty in everyday things.”

photo-1Elizabeth Rippy
Scottsdale Community College
Barcelona, Spain
I am beyond excited to study in Barcelona. I was able to visit for a short time in 2011 and I have been in love with the city. I am an art historian who loves to capture every moment that I can. I have worked as a free-lance photographer for the last 2 and a half years. My passion is also art history I love to study the ins and outs of the works as well as the artist. My favorite artist is Salvador Dali. I was practically paralyzed when I went to his museum in Figures.


database photoChelsea Roland
College of Charleston
San Jose, Costa Rica
Although born and raised in the southeastern region of the U.S., I have never conformed to the “southern charm” of my region, nor have I ever understood why many are so content with staying put here for the rest of their days. Restless from the start, I graduated high school early to spend a year studying abroad in the French district of Belgium. It was there that I discovered my passion for language and culture, and the rest is history. Since my journey in Europe, I have traveled to parts of Mexico, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and trekked to the summit of Kilimanjaro. I am thrilled to see what the pura vida culture of Costa Rica brings to my knack for communication and language and my desire to share with the world the beauty of the country and its people.

IMG_0046Isabella Silverio
University of Florida
Dublin, Ireland
I have always believed that studying abroad is a vital key into becoming a knowledgeable, and wordily person. I always have a positive attitude and am I strong believer in team work. I plan to study very hard while studying abroad, as well as being part of the Maynooth community. I’ve been taking photos for 6 years and have had photo blogs posting my work for 4 years. I’ve gained a following go 1000 who frequently give me online feedback of my work.

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